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Can I major in Psychology and French?

I know I can major in both, but will I be able to integrate the French language into my work in psychology. I love psychology and I know I plan to continue on my path to become a doctor, but I want learning French to be more than a hobby. Is there a way for me to use the language to directly benefit my future career?

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Linda Ann’s Answer

IF you live in a community that has a French speaking population, I would recommend doing volunteer work while a student so that you can sharpen your spoken language skills. Some therapists (if that is your ultimate goal) are indeed bilingual or multi-lingual which provides them with an advantage when serving the general public. Therapy can be very tricky when there are communication gaps between patient and therapist; using a translator in such situations is very problematic because of confidentiality issues.

IF you are more interested in doing research, being bilingual or multilingual is again advantageous as you will have more journals to which you can submit manuscripts, e.g., French language journals!

So, the long answer to your question is YES!

Good luck with your studies.