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How do you know if you like a college, or the idea of a college?

I'm interested in the University of Florida (though I've prepared like I'm going to a different school) but I don't know if I actually enjoyed the school from the tour, or if I just like the respect that follows the school and the ranking of their programs.
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Imagine yourself going to that school. Do you see yourself enjoying the school? My biggest factor for deciding on a school is how I feel when I take a tour. If I do not enjoy the tour, I decide that I am not going to go to that school. I do not want to pay a lot of money, just to be miserable. Kayleen F.

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2 answers

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Misty’s Answer

Hi Katharine.

My suggestion for this before you get too far into the degree program at a place you may not like, is to go and look at the credibility of the school, how close to the program of your choice is their curriculum, what other activities like civic and social or greek that you may be interested in are available to you. There are alot of great schools out there that have a great curriculum but it is not going to feel that way if you are not in a school environment you feel is conducive to your learning process. Please check into other schools for the major you are looking at and then compare before you make a decision. Good luck

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Shamima’s Answer

I think you will like many different parts of college. I think it's an exciting time and to know that you are fully focused and chose something hyper relevant to your interests makes it more likeable than not. I would also say you won't "like" it all the time, It's an incredible amount of work. I think the great part about that though is it's an actual stepping stone to your career and your future and that makes it likeable.