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Is there anything else I should do before applying to schools?

Updated Murrieta, California

I do everything that I can: I’m taking nine classes this semester, I’m in two leadership programs, I’m the lead singer of my church’s worship band, I’m in charge of a charity, I’m on the construction crew for my schools drama department, I play sports, I have a 3.6 GPA, plus more. #college #college-applications #college-preparation

2 answers

Stacie’s Answer

Updated Silver Spring, Maryland

Consider talking to college students about the challenges of transitioning from high school to college so that you can begin to prepare yourself (e.g., taking advantage of office hours, identifying/forming strong study groups, picking a major, finding internships early that will prepare you well for your post-college career).

Tania’s Answer

You have already accomplished so much. I think you would be a competitive collage applicant. I would advise that in all these activities that you are doing, and/or in the classes you really enjoy, make sure you are connecting to and forming a report with your teachers, instructors and mentors. Having strong letters of recommendation is as important as good grades and a breadth of extra curricular activities. Other than that, enjoy your time in high and the time you spend with the people with whom you are doing all these activities with.