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How likely is it to get a job in Aerospace Engineering?

I heard recently that there are very limited jobs open in the engineering field and especially less when it comes to aerospace so there is a really high chance of not even getting a job related to the field at all. If I decided to major in aerospace engineering, what is the likelihood of finding and getting a job in the field?

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2 answers

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Beth’s Answer

Hello Ashley,

When you are considering starting a new field, it's always a great idea to know the career pathway to get there.

Job research can help uncover information on education, wages, market areas, and outlook of a career field. I recommend and to complete your career research. Both sites are complied by the Department of Labor and report data on Job Outlook projected into the next 10 years. Jobs that are expected to grow at a rate of 10% or greater are given a Bright Outlook designation indicated by a sun. Another great resource is This site provides detailed information on different aerospace careers, colleges offering aerospace programs, internship and experience opportunities, and much more.

You may want to search your local area for a program called "Women in Aviation." My daughter participates with the group during the "Girls in Aviation" Day program offered at our local airline museum. Last year, we meant with pilots, astronauts, air control specialists, aerospace engineers, and more during a career panel where the girls got to ask questions about each field. It was super fun and a great volunteer opportunity for the older girls that helped out as guides. You can find your local chapter at

I hope that this helps! Please feel free to ask any other questions any time.

Good Luck!

Beth recommends the following next steps:

Complete career research using and
Connect with your local Women in Aviation Chapter

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Stephen’s Answer

Sometimes having a broader base of engineering knowledge versus a specialized knowledge of only one engineering discipline can be a challenge. Consider the fact that engineers solve all kinds of problems in the world. If the reason why you want be an Aerospace engineer is because you want a job being building a spaceship, or a rocket, then you will want to assess the job outlook for the aerospace industry when you expect to graduate college. Despite the formal definition of what an engineer is, our methodology and process is involved in all aspects of business and product development. Having an engineering degree is the right way to go. These skills translate to more jobs than you know. In the global changing job market being versatile is one of the most important abilities to have.