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Are there aerospace engineering related summer internships for high school juniors?

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I've been searching for an internship since last summer but I couldn't seem to find any closeby or any that accepted high school students who aren't graduating seniors. I've checked JPL since it's pretty close but they aren't accepting high school interns anymore. Are there any available to 11th graders at all? Where can I look for them and are there any available that relates to engineering (doesn't have to be specifically aerospace but it's preferred)? If there aren't any internships available what about mentorships/fellowships/camps at places such as Caltech,Cal State LA, etc?

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Check out NASA's OSSI website--there you can create a profile and receive emails every time you're matched with an opportunity. Also you might want to look into SEAP. It's more research/lab based but could still be relevant: https://seap.asee.org/ Abby Lupi

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Hey Ashley,

Good question. I have not heard of any large-scale cancellation of industry internships in aerospace or any other engineering discipline. I don't know anything about camps sponsored by universities, either. My only suggestion is that JPL is usually ranked among the most prestigious places to work, so in terms of looking for internships, you started at the top. I suggest you keep looking, but look further down the ladder for companies a little less well known because they likely will have had fewer applications. Then you can go up and down the ladder until you find something you like.

You probably already know that having an internship on your resume is a good thing, but it's not the end of the world if you don't. Just as important is what you do during your internship. Ideally, companies are looking to hire students who have completed projects or other tasks that are "measurable" so they can be more easily compared with other intern projects. If the only internships you can find are long-term projects that have already started and will continue after you leave – unless there's a "nugget" of work that can stand on its own – you'd probably be better off working out a project with one of your professors, do a semester abroad, or just rest and earn some money.

Good luck.