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What is the best way to stay in contact with co-workers after an internship?

Asked Branchburg, New Jersey

I currently have an internship in Ohio but my school and permanent address is in New Jersey. The people here are good people and might help me in the future. I want to maintain some contact so the opportunity doesn't disappear. What is the best way to maintain contact even when I get busier in the future? #career-development #networking #co-worker #job

3 answers

Fola’s Answer

Updated Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I would recommend having a LinkedIn profile and keeping in touch with co-workers that way. LinkedIn is a very useful networking resource and will enable you to build more and more contacts as you progress with your career.

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Spencer’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington
LinkedIn is a great source to keep you in contact with professionals. Also, keep their emails. If there is one or two people that really made a difference in your internship, sending them a thank you card to the office, addressed to them, is a great personalized way of having them remember you and they will likely feel more inclined to support your in your pursuits.

William’s Answer

Updated Richmond, Virginia
Hello Joi. I would recommend making a LinkedIn profile and probably get their email address.
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