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What is it like being active in the field of Sociology?

I am a sociology major and love the knowledge that I learn on a daily basis. However, sometimes it is hard to picture myself working in the field. What are some real world applications of this career path?

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3 answers

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Shannon’s Answer

Since Sociology is a human/social behavior field there are lots of opportunities from education to public service. Please check out the following website for more career ideas related to this major https://uncw.edu/career/sociology.html ... Have fun and best wishes in your future endeavors.

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Monique’s Answer

I went into Human Resources and I find my Sociology knowledge has been very useful. Especially as diversity and inclusion picks up in the public eye this year.

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Max’s Answer

Hi Shannon!

I am glad that you are enjoying your sociology courses! I was a sociology major in college and I loved the major as well! Sociology, like most social sciences, are very broad, and you can go into many different career areas. You go do sociological theory, research, human and public services, education, customer service, law, social work, etc. I currently work in Higher Education Administration, and I thought my major was applicable because I am incorporating data analysis, people skills, writing and theory that I incorporated from my studies.

I would highly recommend talking to your sociology professors, and your university career center about what you can do to apply some of the theories you are learning, and apply them to practice. Additionally, write down what you liked from your sociology courses, and see if you translate that into a career. I would also highly urge you to do internships, externships, research projects, etc. to see what you like and don't like.