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How did professionals time manage in college, and what work-extra curricular balance did they achieve?

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3 answers

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Eula’s Answer

Dear Tiffany,

We all have the same amount of time, (24 Hours) whether in college, at work or at home.
First take out 10 hours, for sleep and bathing and eating breakfast in the morning.
That is a must and if you do not do this first, your day will go awry.

How do we achieve balance in work that must be done, and things extra (activities) that we want to add after work?

The KEY word, is FOCUS and Concentration.
When you are studying or doing any work. FOCUS on this ONLY. and give it your full attention.
Do your very best work, and do not get distracted with anything else.
Set a fixed time, lets say between 08 AM to 05 PM. and after take a break.
List 3 things that you'd like to do after wards,
and dedicate one hour for each.

When you are done. Do something FUN. to reward yourself.
In the weekend you can do what ever you want, right after homework of course.

There are times when you may need to dedicate more time, like when you have an important project.

The key to success is this: divide your biggest chunk of time to study and college.
they divide your time in these: Family & Friends - Fun and Activities ( like tv or internet) - Eating and Exercise.
also some kind of time alone, where you think , or pray or are just by yourself, reading or doing something.

Find what you like, and divide in a pie of 8 pieces.
1) School and College
2) Money Issues,
3) Social Activities
4) Health
5) Leisure and Fun
6) Church, God and Prayer
7) ME TIME -and whatever you like
8) Inner contemplation

I hope this helps Tiffany,
Let me know if this was easy or difficult to understand.
And remember if you have any questions, ask again.

100% of 1 Students
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Simeon’s Answer

For time management, try and spend time once a week to look back and reflect on how you spent your time. Then, think about the week to come and if all the time commitments you've made are helping you pursue your goals or values. Learn to say "no" to things you are doing just because you feel you have to.

For extra-curricular balance, it depends on the type of extra-curricular groups you are a part of. Fraternities and sororities are going to be very time consuming. Not only will you have to keep up with the calendar of events and sub-groups, you will also be pulled into a constant flow of informal social events. I'd recommend clubs and organizations that are a bit less involved (nor quite so expensive), so you have a bit more freedom to say yes to spontaneous social outings than if you had most of your free time taken up by the club's groups, meetings, and events. Also, don't feel like you have to be in several groups. Just choose the ones that work best for you.

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Rachel’s Answer

<span style="background-color: transparent;">You have to set a routine for yourself and stick to it for the most part. Once you get into the groove of a routine it will be much easier for you to manage your time and have enough time for everything you need to do (including relaxing). Make yourself to-do lists on a weekly basis, use Google calendar or a planner to keep track of events, deadlines, and due dates. In addition to setting a routine and sticking to it, plan out relaxing activities into your day. Or set aside a time, after everything is done for the day, that you can have "me" time. I have also personally found it essential to not only find time for myself but also make use of that time in a way that is best for me and my holistic wellness. I have found the HeadSpace app to be an essential tool in helping me relax and generally feel more relaxed throughout the day, Guided meditation, even if you have a busy schedule, will make you feel more at ease and relaxed throughout the day as a whole (not just when you have the time to relax and focus on that "me" time).</span>

<span style="background-color: transparent;">Set a routine.Use Google Calendar.Set aside Me TimeWrite weekly to-do lists and use a planner.Find a peaceful and restful activity that will help you feel relaxed.</span>