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What career options do I have if I'm studying political science in university?

Unsure whether or not I should go to law school after my undergraduate degree or do my Masters #lawschool #masters-degree #political-science #college-major #college

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Bryant’s Answer

Hi Tiffany,

Thanks so much for posting your question! It looks like you have a couple different questions in mind so I'll start with the first. A Political Science degree offers you a huge range of career options after graduating. Many people who study Poli Sci are interested in a career in Politics, so of course, that is a possible option. Politics itself presents an enormous variety of career possibilities such as campaign management, fundraising, data analytics / forecasting, political journalism, and of course elected officials (city, state, and federal positions).

Law school and a career in law is another popular career path with Political Science degree. Many students choose to gain some work experience after graduating prior to applying to law school while others choose to go straight into law school immediately following graduation. There can be pros and cons to both!

Ultimately, it is about the thinking, analytical, writing, problem solving, and other work skills that you gain with your political science degree that makes you appealing to Employers. I personally studied Political Science and went into a career in education and non-profit work. I have friends who studied Political Science who are Registered Nurses, attended Medical School, and are business consultants. In short, a political science degree presents the opportunity for just about any career interest.

Lastly, you mentioned you were evaluating attending Law school or getting a Masters degree. I think it is important to you to clearly map out why you personally would want either one of those two options and how that would impact your future career. If you are specifically interested in a career in the field of law and/or politics, I would suggest looking carefully into law school. If you are not interested in a career in law but want to continue your graduate education in s specialized field, then I would look into a Masters program.

Best of luck!