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What are a few elements that make your resume/ cover letter more appealing to employers?

Want to stand out in a group of candidates #jobs #job-search

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2 answers

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Kelly’s Answer

Hi Tiffany,

When building your resume, it's important to lay out your accomplishments and impact as opposed to just saying what your day to day duties were. For example, instead of saying something like "As a social media intern, I managed the social media handles for X company" a more impactful statement would be " I increased traffic to company website by x% by creating social media posts vis Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Companies (especially in tech) like to see impact and numbers on resumes so when writing each bullet point, make sure the impact is clear!

I also recommend a "360 degree view" section at the end of your resume. Here is your chance to share a little bit more about you- what makes you, you? What makes you unique? What are your passions/what do you love to do?

Best of luck!

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Rob’s Answer

One of the things you should know is that many companies use software programs called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to accept resumes. The systems will look for keywords that will match job traits to the applicants resume. This helps employers filter out large number of resumes. So the first thing is to make sure that your resume is in an ATS friendly format. You can find out how to do that here: https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/resumes-cover-letters/ats-resume-template, but there are probably a number of other resources available as well.

Second, Kelly provides a good answer here about impact. What employers want to get from your resume and cover letter is to understand your value proposition. What value do you bring that will help out the company. Your value proposition may be different for each employer, so it's important to understand the position you are applying for and what problems it's trying to address, and then make sure that what you offer will help with those.

A good way to frame your thinking on impactful statements is using S.T.A.R. Describe the Situation/Task that you worked on; describe the Actions that you took (emphasis here is on what you did, not the team, or company, but what you specifically contributed); describe the Result, the impact you had on the company.

Rob recommends the following next steps:

Look at how to build ATS friendly resumes - https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/resumes-cover-letters/ats-resume-template