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What are some good sites to find financial aid to fund my university education?

Trying to save money #money #scholarships

Thank you comment icon These are just a few that I use: Start with these. Some of them will lead to other scolarship search engines that you can use as well. Check to see if there are any loval(state, city, or county) offered scholarships or scholarship search engines. Mackenzie Z.
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1 answer

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Marina’s Answer

I know of an app that might be helpful. Please see the info below:

"Entrepreneur Christopher Gray developed an easier way to find scholarships. So he created “Scholly,” a mobile and web app that instantly matches high school, college and graduate school students with scholarships they qualify for. The app costs $2.99, but Gray has been teaming up with organizations that are willing to cover the cost."

To see his full story, go to:

To access the app, go to:

Good Luck!