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Does Gender Discrimination Make Pursuing Veterinary Medicine Hard?

Updated Monument, Colorado

I am absolutely positive that pursuing veterinary medicine is what I want to do with my life. However, with so few veterinary colleges in the United States and most applicants being male, I would like to know if being female effects my chances of becoming a professional Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Are pristine grades and excellent character enough, or will I need to work extra hard to ensure that my dream comes true?

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Alice’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts
The veterinary medicine profession has become increasing female , with most current entering veterinary school classes being about 80% female. http://www.vmdtoday.com/news/veterinary-medicine-is-a-womans-world. That said, getting into veterinary school is competitive independent of gender. Grades, test scores, character, as well as previous demonstration of your commitment to veterinary medicine (through work experience or volunteering) will all be important. Good luck!
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