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I am currently a Junior in Highschool and I am close to being a senior. I have been thinking about the career I want to pursue after highschool and I want to become a pediatrician. What degree should I look for and how many years will I be in school?

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I always wanted to become a doctor when I was younger. I had the passion to help people. When I was little I used to pick up medical equipment and play like I was a doctor. In middle school and high school I went to the library often to research books about the medical field and children. I babysat kids for such a long time and I actually enjoy it. I am also asking this question because I want to become a pediatrician. I am in highschool and a junior who is about to enter the real world soon. Also because I want to pick a right major that will help me. I want to know what can I do to reach my goal. Also I asked for future pediatricians like me who are unsure about the degrees . #doctor #pediatrician #majors #college #premed

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Suman’s Answer

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Hi Amoi. In addition to link above, I found this on the internet. It is a little wordy, but the information seems correct: https://www.healthcaresystemcareersedu.org/pediatrician-career/ Good luck!