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How can we slow the effects of aging?

I believe that how we age is the root of a majority of our physical, emotional and psychological problems. Science suggests that the body starts to break down causing parts of your body to stop repairing itself when it gets damaged. This makes it harder for our body to fight off diseases and other outside sources that can harm the body. Humans today are living longer and healthier than they ever have before, but they are in need of constant care, medicine and treatment just to stay alive. Science also suggests that we are aging because cells can only divide a certain amount of times. When cells divide telomeres get shorter and shorter until they are no longer on the cell anymore. These telomeres are responsible for protecting the end of the chromosomes from deterioration. They are like helmets for chromosomes. However, once the helmet breaks, the chromosome starts to incur damage and deteriorates as they start to divide more and more over the years which causes aging. #aging

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