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If my strengths are being patient and also being a good listener what type of career would be best for me in the medical field?

My best strengths are listing and being patient, I would like to know what career in the medical field would these strengths be better for or which career they would be more useful for? #strengthsandweaknesses #medical-practice #medical-careers #medical-education #medical-field

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3 answers

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Carmen’s Answer

Hello Yadira,

Being patient and a good listener are great skills and also most definitely required in the medical field.

In my opinion, just about every position in the medical field will allow you to use those skills. It will really depend on what you are most passionate about because it's not just a job, it is your career.

Do you work well with others? Are you compassionate? Do you want to serve others? Do you enjoy social interaction? Do you prefer to work alone? Do you see yourself in a hospital setting? Can you see yourself working in a high paced clinical setting or in a laboratory? Are you interested in the outpatient services versus the inpatient services? Allied Health jobs? Do you want to be a nurse or a doctor?

This is a great question and before you can fully answer that question, you have to look up different careers in the medical field.

Sites to review:



Don't give up and keep a positive attitude. You will eventually find your calling.

We look forward to hearing from you again!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to help me figure out a way to answer my question. The websites where very helpful and even though I have not yet decided a specific career I want to go into the websites have helped me narrow it down. yadira O.

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Robert’s Answer

These are both great skills needed in all fields. In specific consider psychiatry, pediatrics or family practice.

Robert recommends the following next steps:

Read about each of these yo see if you are attracted to those areas.

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Estelle’s Answer

I am biased, but I think that OB Gyn is a great field and definitely requires patience and listening skills. The same can be said for psychiatry.