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Career Questions tagged 3D Modeling

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob May 09, 2022 199 views

what exactly is modeling, texturing, animation, rendering, set design, special effects?

I know it used in movies and social media sometimes to create human looking objects feel alive but what do you have to do for each like, what is rendering and why is it important what is the importance of texturing? that's what I wanna know what is the point of each of the things listed and...

Amareshwaran’s Avatar
Amareshwaran Jun 15, 2016 1064 views

What to do to become good Civil Engineer ..? What is under this studies?

I like to build a bridge .. which should be long life and my remember will be that mine that #teaching #social #teach #3d-modeling #mentors #tax #social-tv

ahilandeswari’s Avatar
ahilandeswari Jun 01, 2016 710 views

how to become a good doctor?

i like to be a doctor.... #doctor #commerce #3d-modeling

ahilandeswari’s Avatar
ahilandeswari May 19, 2016 741 views

how to choose a good carrier?

i hav to choose a good carrier which will help me to move forward ....and to select a good collage ... #education #money #career-change #3d-modeling

Estelle’s Avatar
Estelle May 16, 2016 1881 views

In industrial design and video games, what are the skills that can be easily applied to both industries and the skills that are specific to each other?

I'm currently studying in industrial design at university and I enjoy getting my ideas to become a reality. I went into this program not knowing much besides that it involved drawings and model making which I love. However, during the years, our classes have had the chance to meet some...

PRIYA’s Avatar
PRIYA May 11, 2016 820 views

I am studying in 12th . I want to become a Lawyer. Tell me how shoud i work for it ?

I am very ambitious to become lawyer while i was in 11th. #security #3d-modeling #courts

Srigayathri’s Avatar
Srigayathri May 02, 2016 795 views

how to choose a career ?

What will be correct , which way shall i choose. which is now mostly moving courses in colleges ? Kindly help me #computer #3d-modeling #mac