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Career Questions tagged Airline Industry

Kenny E.’s Avatar
Kenny E. Mar 06, 2016 2530 views

How much math is involved in flying a plane?

What are some jobs in aviation that require someone who is very good at math? What kind of math is used most often? I am asking because I am really good at math and science, and planes have always fascinated me. How can I combine my love of math with that of planes as a career? aviation...

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Jose R.’s Avatar
Jose R. Mar 07, 2016 1091 views

I know that pilots learn using simulators, but when they make the transition to piloting a real flight, how different /difficult is it?

Can you describe what it's like going from learning how to fly a plane using a simulator to what it's like actually flying one? Is it a really difficult transition or do the simulators feel so much like real life that it's not that different? I'm also interested to know how long the first few...

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Helen B.’s Avatar
Helen B. Mar 07, 2016 885 views

I do really well under pressure, so I'm wondering what the highest stress jobs in aviation are?

While some people do not perform well under pressure or like working in a high intensity, high stress job, I believe I would thrive! I'm wondering what you believe to be some jobs at an airline or in aviation that require someone who does well in fast paced/high stress situations. aviation...


Nicole K.’s Avatar
Nicole K. Mar 07, 2016 964 views

I'm interested to know what a day in the life of a social media marketer in the airline industry is like?

I love social media and if possible, would like to make it my career. Is there a marketing role at airlines that focuses primarily on social? If so, what do you actually do on a day to day basis? marketing aviation...


Austin N.’s Avatar
Austin N. Mar 06, 2016 8830 views

What jobs in aviation can I still get without a college degree?

I don't think I'll attend college, but would still like to have a good job in aviation. What specific jobs do you recommend I look into that would not require me to have a college degree? aviation...


Steven N.’s Avatar
Steven N. Mar 06, 2016 794 views

Is the average compensation for sales jobs in the airline industry higher or lower than average incomes?

I'm thinking about a career in sales, i'm just not sure what industries to consider. I love the idea of working for an airline, but I'm unsure about my earning potential in this industry over others. Any insight here would be helpful, thank you! aviation...


Marcus R.’s Avatar
Marcus R. Mar 06, 2016 7900 views

What kinds of jobs are there in the airline industry?

I would like to understand the different jobs in the airline industry, as it's one that interests me. I'm sure there are a bunch of jobs that I'm just unaware of or unfamiliar with, so I'd love to hear about what you do in the airline industry to get a better understanding of some possible...

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Bailey L.’s Avatar
Bailey L. Mar 06, 2016 3456 views

Other than a pilot or flight attendant, what are some other job options in the airline industry?

I'm interested in business and I LOVE to travel, so I'd like to look into the airline industry as a possible career option. I'm just not sure what jobs there are other than on an airline (like pilots and flight attendants). Any suggestions would be helpful! Thank you in advance. aviation...

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Chris C.’s Avatar
Chris C. Mar 06, 2016 895 views
Chantelle S.’s Avatar
Chantelle S. Aug 03, 2015 1045 views

Flight Attendant and Relationship

I have been applying for a flight attendant position with a few airlines. I recently, received an e-mail for me to complete a video interview and see where it goes from there. I am nervous about this new life style I may have. I have always been in a routine, but am tired of working behind a...

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Martin J.’s Avatar
Martin J. Mar 04, 2014 1474 views

For any commercial pilots, what is one piece of advice you would give to a young pilot?

I'm 16 and am very close to my first solo flight and I plan to have my private pilot's certificate by the end of this year. I want to eventually become a commercial pilot, and I'm having a tough time deciding where I should go to college and what I should major in to make this possible. Any...

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