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Ciara J. Feb 05 24 views

What majors can I do to pursue a career with animals?

-want to transfer to UC -completing general ed in community college -undecided major/career #animals...


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Hazel K. Nov 15, 2019 93 views
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Nobody I. Dec 09, 2019 65 views

What job would be the most fulfilling for me?

I like plants, animals, space exploration, and music. #music #job #space #singer #animals...


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Libby S. Nov 20, 2019 35 views
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Lily M. Nov 19, 2019 40 views

how old you have to be help in the zoo?

i want to help animals and i want to save the animals...


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elyse R. Nov 15, 2019 60 views

how do in become a military officer within the research fields of marine biology?

I love animals, being outdoors, and nature. I'm okay with performing hard work or getting dirty, because it doesn't bother me. I love stories on military researchers and their experiences. #marine-biology #military #army #marine...


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olivia B. Nov 15, 2019 29 views

should i be a marine bio

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Hazel K. Nov 15, 2019 47 views

How many hours will i work?

I'm in the 7th grade and i enjoy volleyball, animals, music, and babysitting #animals #music...


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Hailie M. Nov 14, 2019 34 views

What are the downsides of being a veterinarian or a nurse?

I have always wanted to be a vet but I also keep getting nursing as my number 1 option for career surveys. #veterinary #nurse...


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Elizabeth M. Nov 14, 2019 50 views

What do marine biologist specifically do?

I want to be in the water and interact with sea animals. I love learning and studying aquatic animals and want to persue a career in the field of marine biology. #marine-biology #animals #biology...


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Emily F. Nov 14, 2019 72 views

What are the best colleges to go to if I want to go into a career with animals?

I am interested in going into a career with animals. I still am undecided as to what specific profession I would like to go into but I was wondering what some of the better colleges would be to attend to be able to achieve this. #animals #college #undecided...


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keyhan A. Nov 14, 2019 54 views

how do you become an archeologist

12 years old i like science i like to study extinct animals #science #animals im also intrested in paleontology...


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Kirsten H. Nov 14, 2019 39 views
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