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Keegan D. Aug 27 96 views
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How is being a wildlife vet like?

Since I was young, I've always had an interest in animals. As I'm becoming older I have been thinking more about pursuing a career in veterinary sciences. Rather than dealing with domestic animals I am more interested in wild animals. What opportunities has this career given you? Have you been...

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Rekale F. Jun 02 81 views

Besides going to college, what steps do I need to take to become a zoologists?

I want to be a zoologists and help animals as best as I can. #college...


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diety M. May 15 152 views

I really want to be a veterinarian, but I struggle a lot with science and math so can anyone give me advice on how to tackle this on.

I love animals, but I hate science and math. I am bad at both and have not had good teachers to help me with my trouble in it. I don't want this to stop me from pursuing my dream and making me regret not trying so is there anyone who has been in the same boat as me? I am very intimidated...

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Sophie S. May 05 76 views

What jobs involve animals?

I have thought about becoming a veterinarian, but there are plenty of other jobs. I thought about wildlife biologist, but I want to know if there are any other jobs out there that would suit me maybe a little bit better...? My passions are dogs, books, astronomy, and wildlife. I would prefer a...


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I am stuck between wanting to be a Photographer and being an animal trainer...How do I decide which would benefit me more?

My whole life I have LOVED animals, I've lived with many different species and kinds of animals. Everywhere from a classic house cat or dog, I've had birds, lizards, fish, ferrets, bunnies, guinea pig's, snakes, all the way to weird exotic animals like a capybara, zebra, we had an elephant,...

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Harley Marie C. May 04 90 views

What classes should I take in collage for animal training?

I want to be an animal trainer for all different species of animals but I don't know what classes are required or this is collage or even in high school #animals #major #zooloy #animaltraining #equine...


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Harley Marie C. May 04 134 views

Is it hard to become an animal trainer?

I am an animal lover, and I have always enjoyed teaching my farm animals different tricks. I want my future career to be something along this line of work but I don't know what would suit me best. #animals #veterinarian #career-choice #zooloy...


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Samuel E. Apr 24 112 views

What steps should I take to become a veterinarian? And how has this pandemic effected vet clinics and hospitals.

I'm a sophomore in high school who has a passion for helping animals. I've been deeply passionate about becoming a vet because of an incident that happened with my puppy. When I arrived at the hospital after school I saw the animals and their owners waiting it hurts my heart knowing they need...

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What majors can I do to pursue a career with animals?

-want to transfer to UC -completing general ed in community college -undecided major/career #animals...


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Hazel K. Nov 15, 2019 192 views
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What job would be the most fulfilling for me?

I like plants, animals, space exploration, and music. #music #job #space #singer #animals...


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Libby S. Nov 20, 2019 87 views
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how old you have to be help in the zoo?

i want to help animals and i want to save the animals...