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Erica C. Jan 10, 2018 182 views

animals and law?

I am very interested in studying animals and also protecting their rights but I am not sure how I can combine law with it in this case? How can I be involved in politics/govt. of protecting animals and their rights? What jobs would match this? #law #animals...


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C R. Jan 09, 2018 323 views

What career would you suggest

I am a freshman in college and I am currently majoring in Zoology. I have always had a love of animals and an interest in endangered animals. I am unsure of what career would be right for me. I am not interested in being a vet, but I would love a career involving animals. #career #animals...

#endangered-species #science #zoology

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Beau W. Dec 19, 2017 264 views

I would like hands-on work that allows travel in a nonprofit organization that helps endangered species. What degree(s) should I pursue?

I am willing to get involved with anything from the sciences to social work. I just need recommendations, or directions to a degree/ course of study I can look into that will get me moving forward. Thank you! #nonprofits #endangered-species #career #public-sector #animals...


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Grace B. Jan 03, 2018 287 views

What should I do if I want to work with animals and help train the animals?

I have grown up around horses dogs and cats and always wanted to learn how to train animals that I love most....


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Alexander T. Nov 16, 2017 374 views
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Sierra D. May 19, 2016 552 views

I hope to become a Zoo Veterinarian. Do you have any advice for me?

I will be majoring in Biology this fall. I'm in South Carolina, which doesn't have a Vet School. I'm hoping to attend the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia, which is one of three schools that accepts South Carolina students as "in-state". I also plan to minor in Music...

#animal-health #science #biology #veterinarian #veterinary #animals #veterinary-medicine

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Erin S. May 25, 2016 555 views

Is it better to have a masters degree when applying for Vet School?

I'm currently enrolled at URI for the Animal Science Pre Vet, and would like any advice that can help with getting into Vet School. #dvm #veterinary...


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Silvia M. May 17, 2016 318 views

Is there a growing need for animal professionals?

Since more animals are becoming endangered would this mean that capturing them and keeping them in reserveres, sanctuarys and zoos is the future? #animals #zookeeper #animal-conservation #nature-conservation #zoo #college...


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hema B. May 16, 2016 501 views
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Gianna D. Feb 08, 2017 505 views

How long does it take to become a veterinarian?

I am curious how long it takes to become a veterinarian? #veterinarian #veterinary #veterinary-medicine...


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Gianna D. Feb 09, 2017 1178 views

What is a good extracurricular activity for a veterinarian?

What are a few Extra Curricular activity for a veterinarian? Please Help Me!! #veterinarian #veterinary #animal-health...


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Jacqueline C. Sep 01, 2017 362 views

What are some schools that have a good pre-vet program?

I am interested in becoming a veterinarian and would like to know colleges that have a good pre-vet program in oder to purse my career. #pre-vet #animals...


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Diandra J. May 15, 2016 352 views

I want to be a Veterinarian, how important is hands on experience to getting into Vet school?

I have not been able to get much experience except in my Vet Science class. #veterinarian #science...


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Victor M. May 05, 2016 603 views
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paige M. Aug 31, 2017 300 views

What are the daily routines of a veterinarian?

I want to know if there are any difficulties or struggles that veterinarians faced or that they've overcome in the process of becoming a veterinarian. I want to be sure that I know exactly what kind of journey I'm embarking on and be sure I'm ready. #veterinary #animals...


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Michaela M. Sep 01, 2017 278 views

How do you get into Veterinary School?

I want to know what I can do to get into vet school. What kind of experience are they looking for, and what might be some of the questions asked in the interview. I am really passionate about animals and want to be a vet really bad, but I don't want to wait multiple years before I get in....

#interviews #veterinary #animals #veterinary-medicine #vetschool

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sean W. Sep 01, 2017 309 views

How do you transform villains into huge monsters in the movies?

I know people love a good monster battle. No one can resist fight like those. Take Godzilla for example everyone loves his fights. So why not get a new beast in the house. #3d-animation #animation #animals...


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Matthew B. Sep 01, 2017 263 views

What is the most direct route to become a Zoologist?

I want to become a Zoologist to be able to help and train animals. What would be the most direct way to get there?i know it takes 4 years and a at least a bachelors degree. I would like to start off working at the zoo for some experience with working with animals. What is the most direct route...

#animaltrainer #zookeeper #animals #zoologist

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Jasmine C. Sep 01, 2017 209 views

How do I expand my knowledge of animals if I can't get any on hand experience?

I currently want to expand my knowledge on animals. I have a livestock pig in which helps me on my hands on experience.But I want to expand on other animals like smal animals, and wild animals.Thank you! #animals...


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paige M. Aug 31, 2017 276 views

Do you have to get all higher degrees to become a veterinarian?

I want to become a veterinarian because i love animals and i loving caring for them as well. I want to be able to get there the best way I can but I'm not sure if all the years I've counted to become one are necessary. I know i have to do a total of 6-8 years and I'm also aware that i have to...

#veterinary #animals #pre-veterinary-medicine

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Georgia B. May 11, 2017 492 views

What college course and majors should you take to help in becoming a veterinarian?

I want to know what college courses, possible majors, degrees, etc. I would need to become a veterinarian. Thanks! #veterinarian #animals...


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Josephine C. Jun 03, 2017 571 views

If you want to be a veterinarian, how many years of schooling would that be?

Would it be the same amount of years as becoming a doctor? Can you go to regular colleges for education and then proceed to med schools? -- I was just wondering since I have always loved animals though I have never really considered it as a career (or a number one choice of a career)....

#veterinary #career-details #animals #medicine

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Jaydah L. May 14, 2016 391 views

What advice do you have for your people who are interested in studying wild life and becoming a zoologist?

I want to get involved and know if i should have a secondary skill so I won't starve while looking for a job. #science #job #veterinarian #animals #animal-health #wildlife-biology #wildlife...


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krystine S. May 14, 2016 983 views

What is the most interesting part about being a marine biologist?

I am currently majoring in M.Bio, and I want a job and career that is interesting and exciting, and not a boring job on repeat for the rest of my life #biology #marine-biology #animals...


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Madelyn A. May 25, 2016 309 views

How does majoring in zoology help me find a job where I can work with animals?

I want to find a job where I can work with animals but I have no idea what jobs are out there. #career #veterinarian #animals #zoology...


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Sarah M. Apr 16, 2017 351 views

Sustainability of being a vet

I am currently doing an internship at a vet clinic. I really love being there and everyone is pleasant and nice. I like the environment and am not afraid of surgery etc. however, sometimes the vets complain about how tiring the work is etc. I was wondering if most vets feel this way, that after...

#veterinary #animals #veterinary-medicine

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Maya C. Mar 08, 2017 1416 views

How many years does it take to become a veterinarian?

I am a high school student. I grew up taking care of animals so I want to continue taking care of them. I also want to be able to help my parents financially. I want to create some sort of financial plan to not have to worry about student debt later. #veterinary...