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Career Questions tagged Animation

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Aaron M. Sep 06, 2019 228 views

Are there too many animators in the field as of now?

I'm from Brennan HS and very interested in animation. But need to know if there are to many. animation...


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Aaron M. Sep 06, 2019 136 views
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Frank R. Sep 06, 2019 175 views

What are the different fields of animation?

My name is Frank and i'm currently a senior in highschool. I'm currently interested in animation, but don't quite know how many fields there are....


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Frank R. Sep 06, 2019 209 views

How is the work enviornment within the animation field?

I am aspiring to have a career as an animator. Although i haven't decided which field of animation to work in, i have no idea how the enviornments are and what to expect within some studios within the U.S. animation...


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Mario C. Jul 29, 2019 216 views
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isaiah V. May 02, 2019 243 views

What program do i use to animate my characters?

Which software do i use to? animation...


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isaiah V. May 02, 2019 230 views

how long does it take to get a animation career?

like how many years or something like that...


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Deilyna M. Apr 25, 2019 158 views

If You would pick two jobs that goes with drawing or animation

What other certain jobs should i go to if they have drawing and animation art...


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Deilyna M. Apr 25, 2019 157 views
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Emmanuel C. Mar 27, 2019 330 views

Should I apply for more than 1 college?

I am applying for SCAD next year and I was wondering if I should Put my heart on this one or see other chances since my chances for getting into this one are very high at the moment. scad animation georgia college transferr...


Emmanuel C.’s Avatar
Emmanuel C. Mar 27, 2019 271 views

advice for starting college in other country?

When I graduate I wanna study animation in SCAD atlanta but I don't know where or how to start this transition or how can i get scholarships. So... any advice out there? scholarship design art college money animation...


Angela J.’s Avatar
Angela J. Mar 19, 2019 256 views

What type of art/design jobs get highest paid?

I want to get a job in art/design and right now i think i wanna be an animator. However, animation jobs like that don't get paid well. Does anyone have any advice?college art animation artist...


Angela J.’s Avatar
Angela J. Mar 15, 2019 272 views

What type of animation is easiest/most fun?

There's lots of different computer animating types and i don't know which one is best for me. i like to make flipbooks but there is also video editing/ green screening. I like to do both but don't know which one is more fun and better paying. So if anyone knows please tell me. animate...

film video-games animation artist

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Stephanie F. Dec 06, 2018 298 views
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Daniela H. Nov 27, 2018 306 views

what is one of best things about being an animator?

I enjoy seeing people draw, so I would love to know what they love best about drawing animation art animation artist...


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Carson S. Oct 30, 2018 450 views

Interning or Making Money

I'm curious about whether I should be focusing on interning this summer as an animator for real world experience and connections or work to try to keep the cost of my education down? Any advice or experience possibly with both? internship college resume animation art summerjob finance...


Carson S.’s Avatar
Carson S. Oct 30, 2018 329 views

Animators Opinion

I'm curious if artists who are already working in the animation field felt going to college for a degree helped them to obtain a job in the field or are employers simply looking at talent? art college artist animation...


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Daniel M. Sep 26, 2018 299 views
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Deanna W. Sep 01, 2018 349 views

What kinds of classes should I take?

My current goal is to become an animator. I was wondering what kind of classes would prepare me for this the best. classes animation...


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K B. Aug 16, 2018 348 views

What are the best steps to take as someone who would like to pursue both social work and animation?

I plan to finish college with at least a bachelor's in animation, but possibly a masters! This would mean I would probably have to double major. I'd like to do this at UGA, UNG, or maybe Breanau here in Georgia. This has been my plan for quite some time, however, if there are better options...

animation social-work double-major lsw art-school georgia art career