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An architect is the first step in designing a structure. Popular careers include Architectural and engineering managers, landscape artists, civil engineers, but there is much more. For more information, please...

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Ashley W. Nov 19, 2018

What are the hardships of a women becoming an architect?

I’m a sophomore looking at possible career choices, but I want to know all the possible hardships I could face and what might happen if I were to join architecture. #architecture #architect #interviews...


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Mia H. Oct 21, 2018

What careers design living/working spaces?

I am hoping to find out about careers aside from architect and interior design positions that decide the sort of indoor environment people live and work in. The main concerns I have against architecture and interior design (applying to one or both) are the -Competitiveness -Small pay -Toxic or...

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Colin P. Jan 16, 2018

What can I do with a degree in Interior Architecture?

I'm looking into getting a degree in Interior Architecture, but I'm not exactly sure what jobs are available for someone with said degree. #college #interior-architecture #choosing-a-major...


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Alexandra C. Jul 30, 2018

Is architecture a good major?

Things you can consider for this specific question... Are there many job opportunities in architecture? Is there a lot of room for growth in the field of architecture? If you majored in architecture, are you happy with your choice of major? I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting...

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Melvyn A. Jun 22, 2018

Do architects in San Diego have to design future houses using fire-resistant strategies because of recent wildfires?

I'm working on a project about being an architect in San Diego and was wondering if all of the future designs of houses need to include fire-resistant strategies in order to be built? Thank you so much for helping me with this question. #architectural-design #architecture #california...


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Yoselin V. Jun 27, 2018

How much schooling do you need for architechure

How many years of college do need to be an architect. #architect #architecture #design...


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Alexandra C. Jul 12, 2018

What education is needed to become an architect?

Things you can consider for this specific question... What is the highest degree needed to become an architect? Are there multiple paths to becoming an architect? Is there any other experience/certification required? I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that...

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James G. Apr 28, 2018

What are some higher-end colleges that have a strong architecture program?

I’m interested in a major in architecture, and I’m looking for schools to look further into. #college #college-major #architecture...


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Kate R. Apr 26, 2018

How achievable is it to open up my own architecture firm?

I am a woman who plans on being a licensed architect with a Master's degree, and also plans to have a home and children. How difficult would it be to open my own firm? How will debt come in to the equation, and how long would it take? #architecture #architect #architecture-and-planning #math...

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Jacob V. Jan 17, 2018

How do I know if my major of choice is right for me?

Right now I'm somewhat torn between majors. Depending on what school I attend I will choose a different major. Illinois Tech is my number one school right now, and seems to be the school I will most likely attend, and I'll be studying architecture. The field has always interested me and I've...

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James M. Jan 03, 2018
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Jaquan H. Apr 15, 2018

Where is the best place to look for internships in college?

I plan on majoring in architecture and within architecture, you must intern at a firm for at least two years in order to earn your license and began working for a firm or start your own....


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Elise C. Mar 28, 2018

Is it crucial to declare a major your first year of college?

I am concerned because I am still undecided on my major. I am worried that if i do not declare my major freshman year, I may be losing time in classes that are unrelated to the major I decide. I definitely have majors in mind, including #architecture, #design and #business. However, I want...

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Joseph D. Sep 01, 2017

How much salary does a typical Architect make?

I'm talking about a degreed, certified Architect. I'm getting some indication that they don't make as much as college professors. Is this true? Anyone have real life information? #architecture #architect...


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Sandra G. Sep 01, 2017

Is it better to stick to a community college for all 4 years or is it better to transfer to a university?

I'm currently enrolled into a community college and i am a freshman. Should i continue in a community college or should i transfer in 2 years or less into a university? I want to major in architecture. #architecture #community-college #college #college-major...


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Issa M. Sep 01, 2017

Is it true that architects get bored with the pressure of the work ?

So couple months ago, I had an internship in a big company , as I was going around talking workers, architects. One guy came to me and told me you wanna be an architects , I said yes, maybe I will come back here and work with you. he said you gonna come with a lot of energy at the beginning but...

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Jalen M. Feb 10, 2017

How do you know what you want to be?

I want to try to be a architect or an engineer. #architecture #career-counseling...


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Dakota R. May 19, 2016

Is it possible for one to work as an Architect and an Architectural Engineer? I Know they're two incredibly different fields, but I am incredibly passionate about both and am curious if there is a way to actually participat ein both in the work force.

I am aiming for a BS in Architectural Engineering and Plan on getting a Masters in Architecture, to give myself a well-rounded education. I've heard from professors that it's fairly black and white between the two careers, however that might simply only be the case in America. Maybe other...

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Joshua P. May 06, 2016

If you are an architecture student who is interested in starting a local practice, how would you go about establishing things after college graduation?

I am an architecture student who seeks to start my own practice in the city of Detroit eventually after I graduate from the University of Michigan school of architecture and urban planning. Starting my own practice, refurbishing old buildings and providing eco friendly shelter for the homeless...

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Kristina C. Apr 03, 2018

Which college has a good architecture/ interior design program?

I live in Washington and I know my options here in my area, but I'm really interested in branching out and going out of state for college but I'm not sure on where to go. #architecture...


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Kristina C. Mar 17, 2018

Why don't I see any women Architects?

I was watching a series on Netflix called " The World's Most Extraordinary Homes" and as the host of the show interviews these architects they are predominantly men that have sculpted these buildings....


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Kristina C. Mar 17, 2018

Why don't I see any women Architects?

I was watching a series on Netflix called " The World's Most Extraordinary Homes" and as the host of the show interviews these architects they are predominantly men that have sculpted these buildings....


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Audra M. Mar 15, 2018

What is the day of an architect like?

What aspects of work do architects spend most of their time on? #architecture #architect #day-in-the-life-of...


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Tatiana R. Mar 14, 2018

What year to most people start work-study programs under an architecture degree?

I want to know if I would be able to reasonably pay for (i.e. half of tuition at average price college) and live off of a work-study program while in college. Also would I be able to do this starting my first year in college (I don't have my AA yet so I would be studying for that my first...

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Audra M. Mar 14, 2018

What minor should I choose with a master's in architecture?

I plan to major in architecture and was wondering what minors would go along with architecture. I plan to become a certified architect and have my own firm. I know business would be a good minor, but are there any others? #architect #architecture #architecture-and-planning #college-minor...

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Madeline C. Mar 14, 2018

What would be the best minors to take as an architecture student?

I don't know which classes would put me ahead of other architects, and I have a few interests in minors. If I were to minor in engineering, which type of engineering would be best? #minors #architecture #undergrad...