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Art is found in many careers. Technology, music, painting, and welding are some of the many artistic careers available. For more information, please read below.

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Marie E. May 12 53 views

what is a good way to get your modeling picture to a person who does that kind of stuff

Many told me I am pretty and beautiful and gorgeous (I have a hard time believing them) But I would love to model #art #design #fashion #photograph...


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Reagan M. Apr 28 96 views
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Lucia C. Apr 28 177 views

What is the best way to achieve your dreams?

I have really big dreams and it’s hard to think that they are possible, What is the best way to stay confident #college #college-advice #bigdreams #art...


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Reagan M. Apr 28 96 views

I am considering attending either a college of art & design or a college/university with strong art programs. Feedback from your experiences? TY

I draw in my free time and usually use marker and pencil. My favorite medium is charcoal....


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Arely H. Apr 22 45 views

In being an illustrator, how has the coronavirus impacted your work life?

I would say my point of view is influenced a lot by instagram illustrators, such as the ones that make webcomics they have the ability to work at home and continue on with their job. To be a more specific, I want to know how this pandemic has influenced people in the field I strive to go into....

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Arely H. Apr 22 62 views

What courses should you take in university if you’re interested in being an illustrator?

I’m a high school student that’s always been interested in art as well as the various types of mediums. I’ve always wanted to try out watercolors, acrylics, pastels, etc. I’m currently trying to find which art style fits me best and have always been interested in creating stories. This would be...

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Nora L. Apr 22 73 views

What/do you need a degree in order to be able to make cartoons?

#career #job #artist #art #college I want to become a concept artist or a storyboard artist for cartoons and I'm not sure if we need a degree in order to "officially" become one? and if we do what degree would it be? and how would you get it? also, I don't know if I formatted this correctly...

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Ramsey P. Mar 23 246 views

What careers should I look into?

For years I have been trying to figure out what career/field I should go into. I have been looking into healthcare, but I decided to consider other fields to make sure that's what I want to do. I am interested in math, science, technology, art, agriculture, and photography. I am also a people...

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Shannon D. Mar 23 88 views

What is the most difficult part about being a photographer?

I love photography. I also think that I’m pretty good at it☺️. I’ve heard, though, that being in freelance can be risky and it can be difficult to make it. I just want some info. #photography #art...

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Siva S. Mar 05 90 views

How do I start off working in the media?

Hi I am interested and fascinated by the things that go on in the media more than anything and I believe that is where my passion lies but am so nervous of failing and ending up with nothing. #acting #theater #art #media...


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Rayona L. Feb 28 86 views

Why should I pick Johnson and Wales College?

I like to draw. When I draw I either draw animate or cartoons characters #art...


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Leilu W. Feb 25 177 views

How do I pursue my passion in the arts as a career?

I'm an art student who's willing to put in the hard work to get where I want to be, where I want to be is able to live off of my art. #art #artist #college...