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Career Questions tagged Artist

curtis G.’s Avatar
curtis G. Apr 22, 2019 254 views

how do you find a job that you want

I want to be a music artist what job would help me artist musician...


Isha I.’s Avatar
Isha I. May 20, 2020 316 views

How can I earn by sitting at home?

Working as a content creator, As a stylist and a makeup artist, skilled human searching for a goid job to support my family. artist career job...


Aren T.’s Avatar
Aren T. Sep 09 130 views

how long does it usually take to get experienced in 3d animation

iv'e been doing modeling in blender since 2018 and iv'e started to learn 3d animation and would like to know more and what it takes to be experienced too, 3d-animation animation 3D design artist graphic-design art...


Olivia C.’s Avatar
Olivia C. Nov 06, 2019 244 views

How should you get started as an upcoming animator?

Are there certain things new animators should be looking out for when they begin to transfer themselves into a bigger world of art? How would one know where to begin on their journey? animation art design graphic-design...


Rodolfo C.’s Avatar
Rodolfo C. Dec 01, 2020 511 views

Am I too late to start a career in Concept Art?

Hello, I was recently let go from my job in the aviation industry due to the Covid-19 crisis. I am now 31 years old and currently looking for a different career path. I always had a passion for drawing and concept art in general, and I used to practice as a hobby but I never made a career out...

digitalpainting videogames artist conceptart art career drawing

Aziyah C.’s Avatar
Aziyah C. Jul 30 109 views

Is there anything I should avoid when entering the tattoo industry?

Hi everyone, I will shortly be a tattoo apprentice and I was just wondering if theres anything I should in tattoo shops or in the tattoo industry as a upcoming tattoo artist? tattoo tattoos tattooing ink tattoo-apprenticeship artist art...


Yazmin A.’s Avatar
Yazmin A. Nov 11 89 views

What other options is there if my Plan A doesnt work?

I am currently a freshman studying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts, minoring in Illustration and Religious Studies. Since high school, I wanted to be a tattoo artist. Now I’m not sure if that’s what I want to do. art college fine-art artist...


Avonleigh Y.’s Avatar
Avonleigh Y. Sep 13, 2019 310 views

I am 14 and i want to help the local cat cafe get more attention because they are amazing and I want to work there when I am 16. What should I do?

I don't know if I should make like a website or give them a poster but I want to show them I am grateful they take care of the kitties! college art career cats animals artist...


Chris S.’s Avatar
Chris S. Mar 30 151 views

Calling All Musicians

Who is your favorite individual singer of all-time and why is it Prince? What qualities of his uniqueness make him so great? music musician...


Alyssa M.’s Avatar
Alyssa M. Jul 03 134 views

I want to be an animator or work for character animation. I know there are many places to start but I don't know what would be the best. Where should I start

- I want to be able to create shows/animated series for any audience (adult or children) - I want to know what studios would be best to work with - I also wonder what are the best qualities that colleges and animation studios look for in artists animation art design...


KIM J N.’s Avatar
KIM J N. Oct 27 58 views

how to grab the course that i want even thou i cant afford it

Im kim a student and i have separeted parents i was send to a very religious family that im not happy with i feel different about myself. i really need to fined my own way how to be succesful in my own so i can live the life that i really wanted student...


Ahna F.’s Avatar
Ahna F. Nov 14, 2019 337 views

What are careers involving art?

I love learning, talking, and making art. artist art creative...


Destany Z.’s Avatar
Destany Z. Sep 30 115 views

What is it like to be an art therapist

I am a senior in High School interested in art therapy and would like to dig deeper in this career. art artist therapy...


Evan K.’s Avatar
Evan K. Dec 10, 2019 457 views

How easy is it to get jobs as a traditional artist?

I enjoy doing traditional art rather than graphic design and digital art. Is it easy to get jobs doing these? art graphic-design design fine-art...


May L.’s Avatar
May L. Jun 25 94 views

How can I get recognized in the film industry?

I want to become a filmmaker, specifically a director, cinematographer, and writer. film director...


Candys F.’s Avatar
Candys F. Jun 23 163 views

What are the steps in creating your own animation?

I was recently inspired by how animations seem more detailed and animated. I'd notice how in most cartoons, their mouth flaps seem like they're pronouncing each word clearly. And the storyline for most cartoons inspire me to pursue animation. I want to bring characters to life and tell stories....

artist webseries animation disney design story art

Juan C.’s Avatar
Juan C. Jun 22 213 views

What is the most famous job related with welding?

I am an artist, but I love the welding zone. music artist...