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Career Questions tagged Astrobiology

Summer’s Avatar
Summer Sep 09, 2021 151 views

Is it harder to get into the space exploration field (not an astronaut) or the medical field?

#medical #astrobiology

Amit’s Avatar
Amit Oct 08, 2016 633 views

Do aliens exist?If,yes where?Or the technology advances too much and so that we can time travel and come in past to study and observe ourself?

i ama young boy who wants to study space engineering and travel in search of life. #aerospace-engineering #space #astrobiology

Prabhash’s Avatar
Prabhash Jul 29, 2016 1133 views

What are the requirements for becoming an astronaut

I am a student and want to become an astronaut. #engineering #science #physics #astronomy #astrophysics #astronaut #astrobiology