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How do I know what my major should be?

I want to go to college for #athletic-training and #sports-medicine. What should I major...

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how can i become a athletic trainer?

because i what this for my career also i like health i like to help people with injuries #medicine #athletic-trainer #sports #athletes #physical-therapy...


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how much training is involved

what is training like #athletic-training...


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How do I train myself to meet the physical requirements in the Air Force?

I know that I am not physically ready to be in the Air Force, there is a physical test to pass in order to get in. I want to know what kinds of things I should do to train myself to get better in my physical fitness. #air-force #physical...


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Is Athletic Training the best major for college to obtain prerequisites for a Physical Therapy graduate degree?

I will be attending college in Fall 2016 for Athletic Training, and I am interested in finding out if this is the best direction to go to enter grad school in 2020. #physical-therapist #athletic-training #exercise-science #athletics #sports #physical #science...


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What kind of equipment do you need for ice hockey?

i want to be an ice hockey player when i grow up. i'm just asking so i can be prepared #sports #ice-hockey #athletics #college #career #career-counseling...


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As an athletic trainer, what is the feeling you get when you rush on the field or court to help a player?

I would love to be an athletic trainer. I want to help players recover faster and find ways to prevent injuries. #athletic-training #athletic-trainer...


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What is the most direct route to become a athletic trainer?

I'm interested in this career because I like to help people....


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Is having athletic training experience helpful if I was interested in going into Physical Theraphy?

I will be starting college in the fall and pursuing an athletic training degree. When I graduate I will be a certified athletic trainer. I also have the option to go into Physical Therapy post-grad. I am wondering if it would be good to get some experience with my athletic training degree...

#physical-therapist #physical-fitness #athletic-training #physical-trainer #healthcare

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what goals should I set for myself to become a athletic trainer?

I want to know what I need to do this profession....


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How many years does it take to become a physical therapist?

I'm going to be a senior next year so I would like to get more information about a career I'm interested in. #college #doctor #medicine #health #athletic-training...


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How many years of college do I have to go through and what degree do I have to have to be a physical trainer?

As playing sports for nearly all of my life, playing a variety of sports, including, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, I have had a huge interest in playing and helping with sports. As my freshman year in baseball, I tore the Labrum Muscle in my right shoulder. IT had to require surgery,...

#sports-injuries #physical-therapist #sports-medicine #athletic-training #physical-therapy #fitness-training

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What degrees should I get to be a sports medicine therapist?

I want to rehabilitate athletes but I do not know what degrees I need to become liscenced. #sports #physical-therapy #athletic-training...