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Business can be divided into two main parts. One side of a business is to generate revenue, and the other hand is focused on improving processes within the company. For...

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Edward Q. Aug 23 16 views

How long does it tack to get your ID welding

I Edward i really like to work for big companies ass a welder i in Job corps to learn more about welding ....


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Julian L. Sep 05 20 views

How Lon Does The Welding Run Take!

about my life the only thing I think is to fight and get ahead...


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Charles R. Aug 30 20 views

What is the typical day to day of being a head chef?

I'm 19 years old and currently attending Culinary Vocational school at David L. Carrasco Job Corps in El Paso, Texas. And will be attending Advanced training in San Francisco in 2020. I now currently have had the equivalent of 5 years in California R.O.P. training. #culinary-arts #cooking #chef...


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Edward Q. Aug 23 23 views

How old do you need to be to get a real welding job

Is there a age that you need to start working in a big welding company or in any job that there is for welding...


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Yamelyn L. Aug 30 28 views

What are the employers looking for in Realtors?

My name is Yamelyn I'm 17 years old I'm currently attending Job Corps in El Paso, Texas and will soon be attending an Office Administration class. I took a business class at the last school I was attending and learned much useful information but I would like to know what employers would be...


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