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A career is a personal journey that is not defined by a single role or moment in time. Every job is a part of your career, and occupation will provide...

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Orobosa O. Feb 02 36 views

What degrees do you need in order to be a surgeon?

I am in High school. I play sports, only Basketball. I am curious about the work of surgeons. I wonder how well the job gets paid, how hard it is, and if it would be a job that I would be interested in. #career #doctor...


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Karen B. Jan 29 22 views

What specific details can you provide about the position day to day responsibilities CMAA

Very well organized , love interacting with new people, always go above and beyond # #career #medical administrative assistant#...


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Gabrielle B. Jan 30 32 views

What are the pros and cons of working for a non-profit?

I have worked within the educational field for the past decade. I am working towards obtaining my BS in Community Development, and want to see what my options may be, highly considering non-profit organizations #college-major #career #community #development...


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Haley G. Dec 12, 2019 110 views

Where (other than California) would I be able to find good, tangible work as an animator?

I want to pursue animation as a possible career in the future and I'm wondering where I need to go to find a good job once I'm done with college. Where would I even start as well? I've heard of legendary cartoonists jump starting their career by merely having a good idea to pitch and a talent...

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Gabrielle B. Jan 30 39 views

What is the best way to create connections within a community?

When working with community outreach, how do you determine where it would be best to look to find connections to a common ground within community development? #community-management #business-management #networking #communitydevelopment #community #outreach #engagement...


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Abdullah M. Dec 16, 2019 177 views

Career and Life advice?

Hi, I'm Abdullah a senior in high school in NYC. I have applied to colleges, mostly business schools but I'm not sure if this was the right choice long term. I'm interested in consumer psychology and social psychology - why people buy the things they do and how companies have the power to...

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Clifta T. Jan 29 87 views

What careers are best for traveling?

I have a passion for traveling and I would love a career that would let me travel and also make a fair amount of money. #career #travel...


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Atosha S. Jan 27 51 views

what education level needed for a good job

I have a high school diploma and I am try to get a certificate...


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Gabrielle B. Jan 30 60 views

How important are extra-curriculars when exiting college?

As a non-traditional student, I have been working full-time while obtaining my degree. While this is not an extra-curricular that some workplaces or internships look for, I think there is value in sticking to obtaining a degree while also have responsibilities where my time is already split...

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Eboni B. Aug 29, 2018 202 views

How do you build a successful career, without any experience?

Many job offers/positions require a person to have experience. If I'm fresh out of College, of course I'd be looking for a place to work. How will I be able to prove myself in my field, even though I'm a rookie/newbie. #jobs #salary #job-market #career...


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Maxwell M. Feb 12, 2019 150 views

What careers in economics are there that involve being a part of a team?

I am very interested in economics, but worry if I get an economic degree, I will be stuck behind a desk doing research, or teaching. I enjoy being a valued member of a team or community, and wonder if there is #career in #economics that will allow for that. #business #college...


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Tiffanie L. Jul 15, 2016 584 views

How important is having a career goal?

What if you are a person who does not know your interest or skills? What would you suggest this person to do if they don't know. #college #career #skills...


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Ni' Yah R. Sep 13, 2019 29 views

Is the material usually easy to pick up on?

With me not knowing anything #career about cars, I would want to know if it is easy to learn about...

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Joselyn G. Jan 07 79 views

how do I choose a program in College?

Hi, I am currently attending a tech school for liberal arts and I Change my mind every day on the career I want to peruse #graphic-design #art #career #college #research , I started with dental hygiene and then social work and then special education and then graphic communication and graphic...

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Esther C. Jun 06, 2018 327 views

What picture is appropriate to set as your background on LinkedIn?

While updating my LinkedIn and looking at other people's profiles today, I want to know what background picture is appropriate and unique for my profile. I saw people putting a backdrop of their schools and cities. However, are those the only acceptable pictures? #career-counseling #linkedin...

#social-media #career

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Avonleigh Y. Sep 30, 2019 150 views

how do I get all A's?

my mom said if i got as for the whole year i could get a cat #college #accounting #college-admissions #career #scholarship #accountant...


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Henry F S. Jan 31 31 views

How do I enroll in my career, here in USA

I'm about to end a renewable energies engineering, I made it in Mexico but I want to work here for a couple of months to get some work experience. #job #career #engineering #engineer #renewableenergy...


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Tyler T. Sep 25, 2019 48 views

Is this what you wanted to get into?

Was this a job that you looked into ambitiously with high hopes and aspirations or did you just have no other option and just stick with it for the money? If either, why? #career #postservice #postman...


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Tiffanie L. Jun 27, 2016 671 views

What is the minimum salary you have to get in order to provide for yourself? for a family?

I think that many of us take our homes as guaranteed, especially if our family still supports us. We don't realize how much money they use to support us. So, what is the salary we have to earn in order to live by ourselves? What is the salary we have to earn in order to sustain a family or 2?...

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