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A career is a personal journey that is not defined by a single role or moment in time. Every job is a part of your career, and occupation will provide...

Kendra B.’s Avatar
Kendra B. yesterday 59 views

What is the best way to present myself? Can I integrating my skills into a single profession?

I have a background in healthcare and business management. I partnered with the local DHS office as a benefits counselor. I am community educator and run a small informational co-op on like. I was recently approved as a researcher with our local museum. I am not sure how to combine these into...

entrepranuer teacher smallbusiness contentcreator journalism career business selfemployed

Sabrina I.’s Avatar
Sabrina I. Jan 13 86 views

How do I make my job hunt more efficient?

Current Masters of Management graduate student looking to enter marketing industry in an excellent firm located in a big city management marketing career careersearch...


Nada A.’s Avatar
Nada A. Jan 10 50 views

Any good ideas for what to mojor or minor with journalism? It's my dream to study it but I want to have have something to fall back on.

I'm not really good at math or sciences but I would like to be able to find something that is somehow interlinked with english or journalism so I can maybe use both of them together to help me get a job since i've heard its hard to find one. Thanks in advance and any ideas are appreciated....

university journalism career english college job

Rainey H.’s Avatar
Rainey H. Jan 05 64 views

Whats the difference between and firefighter and emt?

Im 15 in highschool looking for more information on my future jobs....


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carly F. Jan 04 63 views

What psychology related jobs are there that can work in the hospital and with children?

I am 16 and currently a junior in high school. I have always wanted to do something that involves kids, and mental health. I have been doing a lot of research on different jobs and I don't know what I should do. I would like to work as someone who advocates in mental health (preferably...

psychology children career hospital

Abby C.’s Avatar
Abby C. Jan 03 110 views

What is a good path for a human resources career?

Hi! I am Abby, and I don't actually know what I'm going to do with my life. It's a little intimidating and scary as a high school senior. I have done some research on what I am interested in, and declared my major at most prospective schools as psychology. I genuinely like it and I feel like it...

college college-major humanresources psychologymajor career major business corporate psychology chro management

Austin P.’s Avatar
Austin P. Jan 03 53 views

Junior Firefighter Programs

What can I do to get myself into one? What should I expect? Requirements? Fees? EMS Firefighter Firefighting Firefighters Youth...


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Marcela M. Jan 02 59 views

Advice for a Graphic Design Students

Hello! I've enrolled in San Diego City College's Graphic Design Program and will be returning to school this spring after a 4-year hiatus. I'm currently studying Adobe CC training videos independently and building up my portfolio. What advice would you give new graphic design students and what...

career web-design art graphic-design design

Iremnur O.’s Avatar
Iremnur O. Jan 01 60 views

hey, I want to get my economical freedom also got experienced in my hobbies

I've always been into space and Journaling but you know, it's hard to find a way to improve myself on my interests about these kind of topics. I think I should get some experience and have my own economical freedom. Can you guys help me about finding a way to feel satisfied(?), thank you!...

help career internship

Baikal M.’s Avatar
Baikal M. Dec 28, 2021 100 views

What are some careers related to chemistry? Are they all related to medicine?

Whenever I've researched careers related to chemistry, everything that comes up seems to be about creating drugs for medicinal purposes. Are they the only chemistry-related career paths? chemistry...


Luis A.’s Avatar
Luis A. Oct 25, 2021 207 views

How much would my salary be in the future?

Depending on how well i work , i would like to know opportunities for advancement to grow in my career. money career Growth...


keyuni P.’s Avatar
keyuni P. Dec 17, 2021 96 views

What education do you need to be a security guard?

What education is needed or required now and for the future. career education homeland...


Paajcha Julie X.’s Avatar
Paajcha Julie X. Dec 16, 2021 343 views

What is being a remote worker like?

For those you of doing remote work, what is is like overall? 1. What kind of work do you do? (contractor, employee, etc.) 2. In regards to work hours, is it more flexible compared to working on site? 3. How are you compensated? (salary, commission, etc.) 4. What is the earning potential of...

technology experience job money professional career online internet remotework jobs

Andrew Y.’s Avatar
Andrew Y. Dec 16, 2021 91 views

what is the security and protective class like

i like to work with my hands, like to help people when i have the opportunities to do so. any career-path...


Carlee M.’s Avatar
Carlee M. Dec 16, 2021 87 views

What kind of struggles can I expect when trying to be a psychologist? Is the career worth it in the end after all the hard work?

I know I really want to help people when I get older but I know that it will cost a lot of money to go through all the schooling and want to make sure this choice is right for me. psychology...


thomas W.’s Avatar
thomas W. Dec 15, 2021 92 views

What is it like being a Teacher in the advanced automotive field?

I'm a student at job corps and I was wondering a few things about teaching automotive, What are the work schedule like ? What are tools that I should be familiar with? What are the job outlooks going to be like in the next few years. What type of education did you take to get where you are?...

college career teaching

Deangel P.’s Avatar
Deangel P. Dec 14, 2021 92 views

What positions are there in a bakery?

I'm interested in baking cakes, cookies and other tasty treats career pastries professional career-paths...


Deangel P.’s Avatar
Deangel P. Dec 14, 2021 93 views

Can you tell me how you plan and prioritize your work in a baking profession ?

I'm a person that kinda jump from one thing to another and get off track and then start to forget things that need to be completed and its something i want to get better at. job career baker...


Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. Dec 13, 2021 353 views

Is it ok to ask this question during a final interview?

After giving a final interview (final round) for a position, if the interviewer does not tell you "you can expect a response in X days", or whether or not you got the position is it ok to ask? If the interview is the hiring manager, how should you phrase it? interviews career...

job-application technology

Kimberly B.’s Avatar
Kimberly B. Dec 13, 2021 111 views

Any interesting jobs involving psychology and the environment?

I am a recent graduate with my bachelors in Psychology. I am currently working at a school for a non-profit organization but I just feel like my heart isn't truly in it. I do like psychology I find it very fascinating but I have a huge passion for the environment. To be specific I am always...

career jobhelp advice psychology environment