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A career is a personal journey that is not defined by a single role or moment in time. Every job is a part of your career, and occupation will provide...

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what is the best way to prepare for a electrician career in the future

i am a junior in high school and I want to get ready for a career in the trades immediately after school. I will do whatever it takes to get my dreams to reality. #school-counseling #career...


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Where can I freelance as a 15 year old high school student?

I've been freelancing and writing articles for clients for 6 months now. I'm at Fiverr and someone has been contacting me for jobs. But, I want to do more. Where else can I freelance? You have to be at least 18 to join Upwork. Do you have any suggestions as to where I can freelance and find...

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Is it important to care about salary this early on in your career?

Even though it's good to do something you love to do as a job, but what if you're being underpaid or not being paid at all for what you do as a living? #career #salary #career-choice...


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What's the most important thing to focus on when starting your career?

I'm passionate about computers, hoping to build one of my own as well as using it to its #career-counseling #career-path best potential, like using it for editing and recording....


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In terms of business ownership, what are some skills that are commonly missed and should be adhered to for beginning and future entrepreneurs.

#entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #architect #architecturalfirm #learn I am currently a junior in high school, and plan on majoring and getting a degree in architecture. I also plan to own my own architectural firm someday and am all ears to tips as well as recommendations towards the success of...

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Anne R. Apr 08 41 views

Mechanical Engineering: Why Do you do it?

I need to interview a Mechanical Engineer for a school project. Could you kindly answer one or more of the following questions? This is for a career project. I am studying Mechatronics and am in 11th grade. 1.Why did you choose this job/career? 2. What do you do in a typical day? 3. What...

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Taryn H. Apr 08 71 views

What is a good starting position for someone interested in cooking?

I have been in cooking club and cooking class so I have some knowledge of cooking and it sparked a interest in maybe having a cooking job. But as someone whom is uncomfortable with the idea of college. I don’t know a job that is a good starting point for a cooking career #career #cooking...


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Im burnt out and out of ideas

it started like around 3 weeks after I did some drawing spree, when I draw something I never finish it I got easily burnt out and when I tried going back to that art I began losing interest in it , maybe its because I draw too much for straight 2 weeks? Should I rest for at least a month or...

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can a student get a full-time job?

Very good character with a great personality. Disciplined and respectful. Hard worker and determined. Leader and Team worker. Punctual and prompt. Ambitious and Determined. Hands on and co-operative. Good grammar and communication skills. #career #business #fun #sonogram #artist #fashion...

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Arianna M. Apr 07 41 views

What degree plan should I go for to become a Forensic Psychologist.

The on campus schools that I want to go to don't have a Forensic Psychologist degree and neither do any of the other schools I have looked up. I was wonder is there anyway that I could go get a degree plan for this career. #career #future #college #career-plan...


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Alex A. Apr 05 39 views

What can I do in order to get a career as a Cartoonist for Disney Animation Studios?

After watching a cartoon on Disney Channel, it inspired me of wanting to become a Cartoonist. So, all I need to know is how to get my desired career at Disney Animation Studios. #career #cartoonist #disney...


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Abigail O. Apr 02 35 views

What is a good education pathway for a career in neuroprosthetics?

I am currently a student planning to major in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Neuroscience in hopes of being competitive in the neuroengineering industry. Specifically, I want to work developing neuroprosthetics. For anyone working in the field, do you have any advice for getting a foot...

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Abigail O. Apr 02 37 views

Is outsourcing a problem in the biomedical engineering / neuroengineering field?

I am a student planning to major in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Neuroscience in hopes of being competitive in the field of neuroengineering. Specifically, I would like to work on the development of neuroprosthetics. I know that outsourcing is a bit of a problem in other engineering...

#neuralprosthetics #bioengineering #engineering #neuroelectronics #biotech #neuroengineering #neurorobots #career #prosthetics #biomedicalengineering #career-counseling #internships #career-development #college #neuroscience #neuroprosthetics

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Abby T. Apr 02 60 views

Looking for career test recommendations with high accuracy.

My mom discovered her career (audiology) through a career test that was extremely long and also expensive but very very accurate. I am looking for a similar service whether it be online or taken at a specific location. I want to make sure I am choosing the correct career, and although a test...

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HI. my name is tisetso and when i pesume my matric i want to study a figher pilot . Can someone ellaborate for me why maths and physics are so important and neccesary because without them you cant qualify to be a pilot neither a navigator,air space controller

I Tisetso i love getting challenges from what i love and always positive im a very focused person love working hard wanting a redemption . Friendly with people always nice always ready for any challenge im a strong person .I love being in air ,working on sky that really inspire me and thats my...


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What is the best law career

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Sameer A. Apr 01 47 views

How to know if med-school is right for me?

I'm currently a college freshman Biology major on the pre-med track and I hear quite a lot about med school and the rigorousness of it and it makes me wonder whether it's the right fit for me. How do I figure out if it's for me I don't have passions for any career either. #college #career...


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I am to give an interview next week to a Canada reputed company I just wanna about that what is the meaning of these Question tell me about your self. so many answers I have which is best for me please guide me but I need your opinion

I am to give an interview next week to a Canada reputed company I just wanna about that what is the meaning of these Question tell me about your self. so many answers I have which is best for me please guide me i need your opinion i can explain & start to introduce my self means my name...

#career #business

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What's the best way to find a job after college?

I know for the first few years of my career I would want to work at an Accounting firm or in a stable position as a accountant for a company. #career #career-counseling #working #jobs...


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how much do u get paid for baby sittin

i am just about to finish high school i am inserted #career in doing babysitting how much would u be getting paid and how many classes would u have to...

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How much does it cost for good plumbing equipment?

My name is James and I want to peruse plumbing after high school #high-school...


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What is your favorite part of being a chief exectutive?

I'm in middle school and taking a career class. I took a survey to see what career paths were recommended and chief executive was one. I would like to know if I am interested in becoming a chief executive. #career...