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A career is a personal journey that is not defined by a single role or moment in time. Every job is a part of your career, and occupation will provide...

Bishoy_Adel .’s Avatar
Bishoy_Adel . Feb 08, 2013 4534 views

What careers allow me to help society peacefully?

I am a 20 year old architectural engineering student (year 2) and I have to start college over and I want to choose a different career as I thought that architecture isn't doing enough serving people and the society for me, I thought of being a police officer/detective but then I realized that...

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Linda D. Oct 25, 2012 1539 views

How to Prepare for Law School?

There is no specific pre-law school course. It is just the skills and qualities that a prospective law school student develops to be successful in his future career. Developing the following skills may help [prepare you for a career in law][1]. You should have the ability to: - Write...

law lawyer career

DejaCodman2 .’s Avatar
DejaCodman2 . Oct 10, 2012 1975 views

How do you decide if a career is for you?

Hi I am a sophomore and i was wondering about picking a career. A lot of people say you should NEVER pick a career based on the amount of money you make, but how are suppose to live off of a career that you barely make money off of? career money career-choice career-path career-options...


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MarlaCodman1 . Oct 02, 2012 1128 views

what is the day to day experience for an advive columnist?

i'm a sophemore and i have always been interested in being an advice columnist....


DejaCodman2 .’s Avatar
DejaCodman2 . Sep 09, 2012 2134 views

what are some unique careers that are always in need of workers?

I am a sophomore looking to explore unique careers that are always in high demand. career demand...


Vbrian .’s Avatar
Vbrian . May 23, 2012 1218 views

what are the steps after college in trying to have a career in athletic training?

what are the steps in becoming a athletic trainer for pros such as baskerball, football and baseball career sports career-path trainer...


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Kyiana L. S. Apr 02, 2012 1537 views

Does gateway community college still have career training programs?

I want to have a career right away. I am hoping that Gateway community college has career training for the culinary arts....


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T'NasiaB . Mar 29, 2012 10507 views

What does a Social Worker do on a Daily basis?

I am aware of a Social Workers main objectives and the amount of years you have to attend college. Also I know that I can have a bachelors dagree in Social work but have a masters degree in Psychology....


Nafoatti13 .’s Avatar
Nafoatti13 . Feb 03, 2012 2317 views

Culinary - Whats the next and final step?

After finishing college and getting a degree in caulinary, whats like the next step into becoming a chef? Who do you go to? Thank you career career-paths cooking culinary...


Sdancy13NFTEBOSS .’s Avatar
Sdancy13NFTEBOSS . Jan 19, 2012 2179 views

How do you go about choosing the type of career that you want to do?

I'm having a problem with choosing the type of career I want to engage in. Im very talented; love choreographing, singing, fashion (designing) , accountant. It's just hard to choose when I love to do so many things. Some days I want to open my own boutique, then other days I want to be an...

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Jamal J. Jan 15, 2012 51066 views

In order to become a video game designer, what courses would I take in college?

I really want to design my own video games as a career. I've already decided that that is what I want to do in the future. However, I do not know what courses I should take in college in order to become a successful video game designer. Any information would be useful. career video-games...


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TashinaCodman1 . Jan 11, 2012 12185 views

How much money does a nurse make a year?

i want to know how much money will they earn like working in a emergency room like in general career nurse...


BrandisCodman2 .’s Avatar
BrandisCodman2 . Jan 06, 2012 4719 views

What kind of lawyer can you be?

I'm interested in being a lawyer when i get older but there's different types of law firms, what are the different types? career law lawyer...