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Career Questions tagged Career

A career is a personal journey that is not defined by a single role or moment in time. Every job is a part of your career, and occupation will provide...

jovira L.’s Avatar
jovira L. Jul 08 67 views

What kind of work experience do you have?

I'm a little bit shy and sometimes outgoing, i love to travel around the world and visit different places....


Dillion E.’s Avatar
Dillion E. Jul 08 61 views

tell me about your customer service skills and experences

im 18 and i dont talk to much people but i try to help people with their questions or conserns...


Brian O.’s Avatar
Brian O. Jul 08 56 views

What does it take for advancement in this work environment ?is it experience or is it time withing the company?

I'm going for a skill trade in construction, I want to be a doer rather than a helper. but the question is universal meaning it apply's for any job. experience or time in ? #job #business...


Timothy M.’s Avatar
Timothy M. Jul 06 81 views

What’s the best way to identify what career you should do?

I’m independent and consider myself a bit of an overachiever or a successor as I have found ways to go around obstacles and complete task #college...


DD M.’s Avatar
DD M. Jul 05 78 views

Who am I ?

I am almost clueless and 'goalless', if such a word even exists , and I am also not in a situation where I am accepting my wellwishers' good suggestions about my life . What can I even call myself and What would be the best to do - Continue thinking about why I am not able to identify myself...


bhavleen S.’s Avatar
bhavleen S. Jul 05 54 views

career option after B.Com

after 12th I started pursuing for CA did my B.Com side by side appearing in CA exams.. but still my IPCC first group is not cleared.. I want to change my path but don't exactly know which career option do I have.. Can anyone please guide me. #professional #accounting #career...


Cassidy L.’s Avatar
Cassidy L. Jul 05 77 views

What Jobs are best for traveling

I'm 18 years old from NYC. I love to travel. I want to be a Detective, but there are a few things keeping me from achieving that goal. #travel...


Chandini R.’s Avatar
Chandini R. Jul 04 95 views

Can you pursue multiple careers?

I'm interested in a variety of potential occupations, but I'm not sure which one to pursue. #career #career-path #career-choice...


Ronak K.’s Avatar
Ronak K. Jul 03 47 views




Violeta E.’s Avatar
Violeta E. Jul 03 137 views

What type of work do chemical engineers do at different companies?

After identifying my goals and narrowing down some choices chemical engineering seems like a career of a great fit. I will be attending Georgia Tech this fall and am now thinking of creating career goals. This made me think about what is the day like for chemical engineers that work at...

#engineer #chemical-engineering #career #engineering

someone J.’s Avatar
someone J. Jun 15 116 views

it's about my future

I don't have any particular career chosen but I'm interested in lots and lots of things like painting, sketching basically arts and craft also in acting, dancing, photography cooking and few other things. soo recently I was reading an article on "power of combining your skills" I would like to...

#career #art

Malachi A.’s Avatar
Malachi A. Jul 02 64 views

What are ways I can complete my career goal

I love the color blue,I’m open,critical thinker,very concerned about my future...


someone J.’s Avatar
someone J. Jul 02 62 views

it's career related question

I'm planning to do bachelors in fine arts after my 12th what is the career option I can choose in that field? and also any college suggestion for this in Canada? #college #artist #career...


Maria P.’s Avatar
Maria P. Jul 02 74 views

How should I choose my career?

I’m interested in careers that involves creativity and works that involves me being hands on. #NYC#careers...


qian ting H.’s Avatar
qian ting H. Jun 30 99 views

what to do when your lost about your career

im not too sure where i a heading career wise, i keep contemplating if i want to do what i am currently majoring in right now. #career #career-choice...


Mrunal U.’s Avatar
Mrunal U. Jun 30 94 views

I am 16 year old and have no idea what to do in college. is choosing psychology a good option?

I love reading books, designing, and helping people. I have a dream of becoming a therapist but my mom is sort of against it. I am super confused as to what to choose so that I'll be happy and can provide income to myself and my family. #psychology #college...


Devon S.’s Avatar
Devon S. Jun 30 85 views
Tyler B.’s Avatar
Tyler B. Jun 30 119 views

I'm confused on what career I should focus on.

My main interest are science, math, drawing, phycology and computers science. I'm trying to think of a career that would suit me best, I know I'm young but I love to plan ahead. #career #science #computer #math #science #psychology...


melody A.’s Avatar
melody A. Jun 29 78 views

what is my career goal ?

I want to be a profiler apart of the behavioral analysis unit in the FBI. #psychology #career...


Pawni R.’s Avatar
Pawni R. Jun 29 107 views

Why do i want to join this internship

This is Pawni. I am 10 grader who, irrespective of an early age, wants to instate something irrelevant in life that has not been expected of me. I possess the potential and has the courage to do something . The foremost thing I love is that I love to present myself; my views; my ideology to the...


Diamond R.’s Avatar
Diamond R. Jun 28 72 views

What’s steps to take to be a influencer?

I am 16 and would like to work with brands and on my own terms....