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A career is a personal journey that is not defined by a single role or moment in time. Every job is a part of your career, and occupation will provide...

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Is a nursing career worth it?

I am a junior in high school. I've been researching and exploring what career is best for me. I want to be engaged in my work, and I am adamant about avoiding sitting at a desk all day. I enjoy studying physical and mental health, but I feel medical school would be too vigorous for my liking. I...

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How hard is it to be a police officer in San Francisco?

I am a 9th grader in college and career learning what type of career I should be in class. #career...


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What is the best way to prepare you for the manufacturing field.

I am a middle school student and I took a quiz in class that told me manufacturing would be a good career choice. #career #school #careers #majors #manufacturing...


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What is the best way to prepare you for the marketing field?

I am a middle school student and I took a quiz in class that told me marketing would be a good career choice. #career #marketing #school #majors #careers...


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What classes should I take the rest of high school to get me ready to try to get my certification for being a personal trainer?

I've been playing with a few ideas. My father owns a gym and is a certified personal trainer, and I would always love to keep the business running because I saw how much work he put into it, but then again some other careers I've looked at is landscaping and outside work that pays well I would...


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How much do Landscapers make Yearly?

I want to go to college for landscape contracting....


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I need to be a pilot. I am in 7th grade. What can be the preparations can be done right now?

Hi, I am Arjun. I am always trying to be a pilot. Can you advice me how to go further? How much flying hours need to be a first officer? Any answers could be appreciated #career...


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How do I know if a baking career is for me?

I like to bake and I do believe what I make taste good yet I feel like I am not good enough to enter this career especially cause I hear if the product doesn’t look good they make employees throw them out. #career #success...


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My Question

Is it worth it to spend the time working for someone else, learning everything about the profession, to start my own company? Or should i just work for other people?...


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What are you required to study in university in order to do Mechatronics?

I just wanted to know because it sounds like a very interesting career to get into. #career #engineering...


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What courses do I need to clear for an career in the psychology field?

I´m a freshman in high school who wants to major in psychology or related areas. I heard that some courses that you take don´t matter at all or aren´t useful in the career you are in. So I´d like to know to get a heads up. #career #career-choice #career-counseling #job...


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In search of the proper career path

I'm a 29-year-old Hispanic male who enjoys helping others. I tend to go out of my way for others and do my absolute best when I encounter someone in need whether it is a friend, family member, or someone I've never met. I'd love to find a career working with youth whether at a high school or...

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How do I get experience in scientific writing?

I’m currently in second year of my undergraduate degree in Theoretical Physics and want to purser a career in science journalism. But most organizations require me to either be doing journalism as a degree or to have had practice in publishing. So how can I get this experience other than with...

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