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A career is a personal journey that is not defined by a single role or moment in time. Every job is a part of your career, and occupation will provide...

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How to create a good linkedin profile?

I am a 3rd year science student and am looking to find an internship as a research assistant #internship #research #career-path...


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What are my career options for a double major of advertising/public relations and political science?

I am entering my junior year of college with a major in advertising/public relations and a minor (possible double major) in political science. I am active with several nonprofit organizations that deal with issues in public health, such as gun violence prevention and climate change. I am an...

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what career should i pick

hi I'm steve - bill wurtz #career #college #career-choice #teaching...


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Steps to become a landscape architect

I am interested in the job of landscape architect. While I don't acquire a design or architect relevant degree And I major in Urban Studies. Should I get a master degree of landscape architect or to work for relevant jobs? #architect #architecture #career #master #career-counseling #pathway...

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What types of jobs can I pursue with a background in economics?

Hi, I'm a 16-year-old high school student determined to get an education in the areas of economics and business. I have a huge interest in these subjects but I'm not sure what types of jobs I would be pursuing as an economist in the future. #career #economics #business #highschool...

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What to focus on when you do not have a vision of what you want to work at?

I am a las year International Business Administration student, and while all my classmates are going back to the family business, starting a process, leaving for a Masters degree or finding jobs in normal enterprises, I have lost thrive and passion for whatever I can do with my degree and...

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What are the best ways to react to sexist behavior towards you in and out of the workplace?

All women around the world get these passive-agressive or directly agressive treatments and behavior from other people, and very few times we end up feeling we reacted assertively. Due to this, it is very important to talk amongst us and share what have we said and done, and how did it work and...

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How do apply for scholarships work for senior year?

# I am 17 years old and I go to Charles H McCann Technical high school. # I want a successful life of owning a horse of my own, having a job I love, taking care of my dog Max, and living at my parents house to be there to help them when they need me to.\ #career I'm going for Financial...


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Does it really need to be a Degree Holder before getting the PPL?

I'm going to college next year and I'm taking the Aviation course, I like asking questions to the professionals about the career I'm talking . #career #college...


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What are the best steps forward to follow for a mechanical engineer in their senior college year.

I am a Mechanical Engineering student at AUB, and I am currently at the beginning of my senior year. I would like to set a few midterm and long term plans for my graduation, and I would appreciate some advice on where I should look for opportunities in the industry and how to reach out for...

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what is the state of horticulture work?

what kind of state is horticulture work in due to Covid-19...


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How can i know what career is best for me

Im having trouble deciding what to do in the future #career #career #career-choice...


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How did you know what you wanted to do for your career?

In what stage of your educational life did you realize what you wanted to do or are passionate about? I feel pressured and stressed about the fact that I don't know what to do because I feel like everyone else does. Are there any suggestions as to what I should do to get a sense of what I like?...

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What does volunteering mean to you?

My name is Kate and I am passionate about volunteering and making the world a better place. I love helping people to realize their full potential in life and help them accomplish their dreams. #shootforthestars...


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How can I help the societ?

Fluent in Englis, Hindi and Bangla Able to work hard #career #social #social-worker #social-work...


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Where Do I Start Investing For Beginner ?

I keep hearing about investing some money, so I decided to give it a try. But I need help? How do I start investing? What app is good for investing? WHERE DO I BEGIN? #finance #accounting #investment-management #money #career #covid19 #help...

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How do i know what career is right for me?

I'm in college right now, about to graduate with my associates. During my childhood I wanted to be a teacher, then as I got older I wanted to be a therapist or councilor. I just turned 20 in April and I think it's time i have a better idea of what I actually want for my future. I want to be in...

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I can't figure out which Information Technology (IT) that are still on demand?

I have to pick one of this specialization: *Forensic Specialization *Web Design and Development *IT Management and Administration #technology #computer #information-technology # #programming #help #ondemandjob #future #covid19 #career #careercoach...


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How should I ask to shadow a professional?

I'm looking to shadow an SLP, but I'm unsure about how to approach them. #speech-pathology #job-shadowing...


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How to maintain strong beliefs for future job dreams ?

What is the career you are interested in ? - The first job that I have an interest in is for a career as an engineer, more obviously an electrical engineer. Why am I, because I feel it has a social support for the community, always giving then the latest and best conditions for them. Repairing...

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I am an English Literature Student who wants to work for the SDGs. What should I do?

I am a creative problem-solving person and I study literature. I want to work in international organizations for any good global causes related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. However, I am not a specialist. Is it...

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Is fashion marketing female dominated?

Hi, I would like to ask this for anyone currently working in fashion marketing. Would you say you work mostly with females? I have always enjoyed working with both men and women and would like to enter a career in fashion marketing and have always been under the impression it is female...

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Is a fashion marketing degree too specific?

Hi, I want to get into marketing & have had an interest particularly in fashion marketing. I have received an offer to study fashion marketing as a master's degree at a really good university and it looks really interesting & definitely something I would like to do as a career....

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What is the average day in the life of a dermatologist?

I am a sophomore in high school still trying to figure out what sort of career path to take. I like to take care of others, enjoy all types of science, and enjoy drawing. Dermatology is a career choice I am interested in because I care very much about my skin and my overall well-being and also...

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What does the normal routine of a nurse consist of? Has Covid-19 made the medical facilities less busy (due to people staying at home) or has it kept its level of intensity?

I'm very interested in working in a fast pace environment like the ER. I like the idea of how you'll be able to see all types of cases everyday. And how to deal with the patients and they are needing in the moment. #nursing #nurse #healthcare #college #medicine #medical #student...


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how is the day to day of pedagogy for preschool ?

I am very interested in this profession «Because it is a noble profession; because it allows us to maintain a certain coherence between what we are, what we want and what we do ». But I would be interested to know what the environment of being a preschool pedagogy teacher is like to get more...

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How to search for opportunities to get the foot-in-the-door flying Multi-Engine Propeller-Driven Fixed-Wing Airplanes?

I am a FAA certified Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI), seeking career opportunities to gain experience flying or piloting multi-engine propeller driven and/or turbine aircraft. Am interested in jobs involving Single-Pilot-Operations, such as flying sport parachutists or skydivers, air-charter or...

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