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A career is a personal journey that is not defined by a single role or moment in time. Every job is a part of your career, and occupation will provide...

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Kyle N. Nov 14, 2019 42 views
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What issues may I come across as a flight attendant?

I know that there is not a degree needed for becoming a flight attendant so I'd like to know any of the hardships I may face in this job #airline-industry #flight-attendant #career #travel...


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Emily F. Nov 14, 2019 53 views

What are the best colleges to go to if I want to go into a career with animals?

I am interested in going into a career with animals. I still am undecided as to what specific profession I would like to go into but I was wondering what some of the better colleges would be to attend to be able to achieve this. #animals #college #undecided...


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eli D. Nov 14, 2019 33 views

What skill set do you need to be a carpenter.

Hard worker no afraid to get dirty welling to work till the sun goes down #work...


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Kira D. Nov 14, 2019 40 views

What are some careers involving psychology?

I am interested in the human mind and how that works. I’m interested in something that involves a 4 year degree and will give me a good paying and interesting job. #psychology #career #clinical-psychology #psychiatry...


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jarred F. Nov 14, 2019 38 views

What mechanic Would be the easiest to do daily?

I like a job that is quick but it is fulfilling and makes you feel proud to be done. #engineering #business #career #entrepreneur #engineer...

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Henry H. Nov 14, 2019 58 views

What Engineering career is in demand currently?

I am interested in Engineering, but I have not chosen the type I want to go in to. I need more information on which one I want to choose. #engineering # #engineer...


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Madelyn D. Nov 14, 2019 69 views

What career fits with my interests?

Hi, i’m in 11th grade. One of my main interests is computer editing. I enjoy video editing with adobe after effects and making 3D objects with Element 3D. I like using my mind to make up new transitions. I also enjoy math and I like technology overall. #technology #career...


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Ryan R. Nov 14, 2019 41 views
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What are the education requirements to become an occupational therapist?

I am interested in this career but don't fully understand the path I would need to take to get there. #occupational-therapy #career #career-paths...


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Treighton L. Nov 14, 2019 49 views

How do I narrow my variety of interests into one career choice?

I am an Early Middle College student enrolled at Baker College as a junior in High School. My favorite subject is math, so I'm thinking about choosing a career that has to do with math, which is so broad. How do I narrow it down? #math...


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What skills are needed to be a computer animator?

I want to know what is needed to know in order to be a computer animator #computer-science #computer #career...


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What are the requirements for being an network architect?

At school i'm interesting in the things you need to do to become a network architect and its for a career project. #career #architect...

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What is a help desk technician

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What should I know or expect about becoming a gynecologist?

I'd really like to pursue a career in the medical field. I tend to find myself interested in anatomy and especially about the woman's reproductive system. #career...


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What values does a company look for in a person they are hiring?

#career I wan't to be a welder and work for a good...

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In what region would a college graduate find the most success in finding a job as a Video Game Designer or something related?

I am willing to move, I am willing to spend all my time searching and making myself as appealing as possible to employers. This is the one industry I want to put my foot in the door and never remove it. I write fiction for fun, I study in my own time, I am dedicated and committed to learning,...

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