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A career is a personal journey that is not defined by a single role or moment in time. Every job is a part of your career, and occupation will provide...

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Araeliah C. Nov 04, 2020 117 views

I'm in the 11th grade and I have many dreams and careers I want too pursue, what are some helpful next steps I should consider based on my interests and desires?

I am in the 11th grade and I participate in athletics all year around. I play soccer, basketball, and I run track. I do want too pursue a career in athletics in any of the sports I play , or hopes of getting a scholarship in any soccer, basketball, or track, or go too college and become a...

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Terence S. Nov 03, 2020 73 views

Why this career?

I want to join the army.#army And Want to be a doctor...


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Ranae M. Nov 03, 2020 83 views

i am in the 10th grade and i am just beginning to to explore my future career, what are some careers and helpful next steps should i consider based on my passions and interests?

at school, i am most interested in cosmetology, photography, and plants, while my hobbies include doing hair, and collect plants. A topic i am passionate about is doing hair and/or make-up. what are some career options that best align with these interests and what are some helpful next steps i...

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Hope I. Nov 03, 2020 102 views

I'm in the 12th grade and I'm beginning to explore my future career.

I'm interested in volleyball, ocean life, environment life, and criminal justice. #life #career #jobs #ocean...


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Dominic C. Nov 03, 2020 109 views

Should I go to a trade school to learn auto mechanics?

I will be graduating high school in May of 2021. I want to get into the career of auto mechanics and I'm not sure where to start. Should I go to a trade school to get started, or apply for a job at a shop and learn from other mechanics? #jobs #career...


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Jessica B. Nov 03, 2020 89 views
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Anelise K. Nov 02, 2020 79 views

How do you feel after successfully helping out a patient as a dentist

I am a high school student wanting to learn more about the dental career field. #dental-hygienist #dentist #dentistry...


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Joshua M. Nov 02, 2020 62 views

What are the requirements to become a nurse?

I would like to know about the details about becoming a nurse as my future career. Are there any nursing colleges in the US for me that I'm can possibly sign up for?...


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Jaelarae C. Oct 30, 2020 124 views

How did you guys know what your dream career is?

I'm 18 and I dont know what I want to do long term. #work...


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Yamileth G. Oct 29, 2020 149 views

What veterinary and vet tech careers have the best salary (approximately)? Can I be able to travel and still be involved in this career path?

I'm currently a high school (junior) and passionate about pursuing a career in the animal medical field. I enjoy helping others especially animals and still deciding on my future goals. #career-path #career #studyabroad #veterinary #vettech #career-choice #career-paths #animals...


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Brooklin P. Oct 29, 2020 56 views

What would be some good planning skills for a career?

What planning skills would help me with becoming a nurse and having a good career? #career #nurse #medicine...


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Brooklin P. Oct 29, 2020 87 views

Can I start my college classes in high school?

I was wondering if I could start college classes in my Junior or Senior year of high school. #high-school-classes #high-school #collegeclasses #college #nurse...


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Brooklin P. Oct 29, 2020 73 views

What are some good classes to take for wanting to be a nurse?

I want to be able to have some good knowledge on what I’m doing when I get to college. So I was wondering what classes would be good to take. #medicine #medical #career...


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Brooklin P. Oct 29, 2020 90 views

How can I finish college earlier than normal for a nurse?

I’m a freshman in high school and I really want to have my career planned out this year so I can start taking classes I need for the career I’m choosing and get the credits for them. #high-school #careers #career #medicine...


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Jayleen M. Oct 29, 2020 81 views

How many years of college do I need to get my bachelor degree?

#career How many years of college do I need to get my bachelors...

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Jade M. Oct 29, 2020 82 views

For people who work a sports psychologist. I have 9 questions for you

Take your time with this, I know it's a lot but I'm really interested in Sports psychology!! It would be awesome and appreciated if you answered these simple questions! How many hours do you work in a typical week? If I were interested in pursuing your career, what classes do you think I...

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Yamileth G. Oct 28, 2020 120 views

How can i get started in architecture, interior design? Is it possible to take this course as a minor degree?

I'm currently a (junior) in high school and exploring my options/choices in different careers and found architecture, interior designing very interesting. #art #interior #interior-design #architecture #design...


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Emily C. Oct 28, 2020 116 views
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Joel M. Oct 28, 2020 74 views

What does it take to become a geographer?

Geography has always been a passion of mine. I grew up in a diverse neighborhood and I'm familiar with many different cities, flags, countries, monuments, etc. as not everyone in my neighborhood was American. Ever since I won my 7th grade Geography Bee, I knew geography was one of my strengths....

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