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A career is a personal journey that is not defined by a single role or moment in time. Every job is a part of your career, and occupation will provide...

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Mounia M. Mar 12, 2017 527 views

What job title would I hold if I wanted to provide businesses with employee personality assessments?

I'm wondering if jobs that help businesses with finding the best employees with personality assessments are psychology based jobs or a form of consulting? #career #psychology #jobs...


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Michelle P. Mar 12, 2017 440 views

Do the different levels of degrees determine a person's chance at a job?

I'm wondering about the levels of degrees in any context. Numbers and certificates run this world. So in any example, could you explain the different degree levels and how they compare to each other? #career #higher-education...


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Angelina P. Mar 09, 2017 1133 views

If you were going to rate your job, 1-10, 1 being horrible and 10 being amazing, what would you rate it?

So, you are filling out a survey for your job. One of the questions is, "Rate your job on a scale of 1-10, 1 being worst and 10 being best." What would you rate your job? Do you wake up every morning excited to go to work, do you just "not mind" working, or do you REALLY hate your job? Thank...

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Mounia M. Mar 08, 2017 463 views

What should you do if you don't get accepted to any of the colleges you want to attend for grad school?

I am looking at colleges that I want to attend for grad school and am wondering what I should do if I don't get accepted to any of my schools of choice? #career #graduate-school...


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Ching Ting N. Mar 08, 2017 782 views

Does GPA really matter in the job market?

I often feel stressed out and anxious over midterms and papers because I am afraid of getting bad grades. However, it takes so much of my time to do my school work that I even feel that doing exercise, cooking healthy meals, doing chores or meeting my friends are all a waste of time. Is GPA...

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Mohammad A. Mar 07, 2017 1163 views

How do you handle behavioral interview questions when not prepared?

Say you are in a job interview and you get asked a behavioral interview question such as "cite a situation when you had to adapt to changes beyond your control" or the like and you had no particular story present even though you might have had that exact situation happen to you. How would you...

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Mohammad A. Mar 07, 2017 696 views

What are some good tips for finding a job without experience?

I am a graduate student in Electrical Engineering and I will be graduating very soon. It has been hard for me to find a job by searching and applying for jobs online. I find that my application gets turned down often because I lack engineering work experience. Your tips on this matter will be...

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Albert P. Dec 09, 2016 592 views

Which major should I choose?

I'm going to be applying to college next year, and for many colleges you need to specify which major you are applying as. However, I'm not sure what I want to be doing, since it's something I may be doing for the rest of my life. I'm interested in psychology and volunteering, but I don't know...

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Harris R. Mar 02, 2017 502 views

can i change accounting to any other major ?

My major is accounting.. I am doing associates and earned 40 credits so far. i am not full time student even i skip my semesters because of my family issues . now i want to start a new career .. should i change career now or first complete this one ? i am good in computer but i never study...

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Rachel B. Feb 28, 2017 681 views

What are some the best ways to network at a college career fair?

I am a junior at Queens College...


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Mounia M. Feb 26, 2017 360 views

Are entry level office jobs the only jobs you can get with an Associate of Arts?

I am looking for jobs that are related to non-profits and have found that I don't qualify until I get my Bachelor's. Will my degree only allow me to work in an office setting or a setting that is not a non-profit? #career #office-administration...


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Mounia M. Feb 26, 2017 713 views

How can I create my personal brand?

What are things that I can do to help create my brand? Will creating a career portfolio help with personal branding? #career #career-development #personal-branding #portfolio...


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ryder C. Feb 22, 2017 602 views

is there a specific age limit you have to be to go to college

hi my name is ryder but i go by cole. i want to be a police officer and i want to know what age i have to be to go to college. #college #career #jobs #college-jobs #police-academy...


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Tiffanie L. Feb 21, 2017 557 views

What should I be doing to help my future when I get my undergraduate?

I can't help to think about the impending future which is happening in only 2 years. I want to be as secure as I can be so when I graduate I can find a career that I am interested in. What are some things that I can do to give me an advantage over other prospective employees? #college #career...

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Jackie G. Feb 21, 2017 502 views

How often does one relocate for jobs?

I was told that with the poor job market, it is common for people to move to where jobs are available, rather than looking for jobs near their current location. Is this true? #college #career #job...


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Mounia M. Feb 21, 2017 414 views

What are methods to changing careers smoothly?

I am an undergrad and a senior getting my bachelor's of social science. I have worked in the insurance industry for two years, but left my last job to focus on my schooling and relocate to the state that I want to go to grad school in. I want to transition into the health & human services...

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Mounia M. Feb 17, 2017 459 views

What are the best volunteer/ intern environments for someone trying to get into career counseling?

Should I focus on volunteering with non-profits that provide job placement assistance, resume writing, and the like as those skills will be usuful to me or should I focus on working with organizations that are apart of the mental health industry? #career #career-counseling #internships...


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Rachel B. Feb 17, 2017 1255 views

How important is linkedin to getting a job?

I am a junior at queens college. #career...


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Rachel B. Feb 17, 2017 554 views

what are some good ways to network?

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Rachel B. Feb 17, 2017 521 views
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Mounia M. Feb 15, 2017 549 views

How does recruiting and career counseling differ?

I am thinking about becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor so that I may specialize in career counseling. Originally, I wanted to be a career coach, but figured that specializing in other areas makes me more marketable. My main goal is to assist people with career knowledge and help them...

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Tyra I. Feb 15, 2017 330 views

How would you move forward with your career choice after graduating college?

how would you work on the transition from college to the real world? #college...


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Halea B. Feb 15, 2017 268 views

After graduating college, how would you move forward with your career choice?

I know it all depends on what your career choice consists of, but how would you work on that transition from college to the real world? #college...


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Jodie A. Feb 13, 2017 580 views

What are good jobs to get you started and help you to build confidence?

I would like to soon apply for a job. I'm 17 years old and have not previously had any work, I'm also quite a quiet person so would like a job thats not overwhelming, but that still offers good experience and is of a relatively good pay for a few days a week (I need the time to relax, as well...

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Deborah C. Feb 11, 2017 561 views
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Jordan C. Feb 09, 2017 503 views

No qualifications want to go to university or study abroad

I left school with the minimum amount of GCSE's and I want to study abroad or go to university to change my life is it impossible for me to achieve this and how would I be able to do this? #college #career #university #career-counseling #advice #college-advice #career-advice...


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Armine M. Feb 07, 2017 422 views

How can you apply for internships as a college freshman?

Hi, I am graduating high school this year and I wanted to apply for some internships at companies and/or hospitals. I would love to find out about some internships and how I can apply for them. #college #business #career #internships #entrepreneurship #job-search #college-jobs...


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Rachel B. Feb 07, 2017 383 views

How to get a summer internship in the psychology field?

I am a Psychology major and an upper junior. #career #psychology #career-counseling...


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Jackie G. Feb 06, 2017 779 views