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A career is a personal journey that is not defined by a single role or moment in time. Every job is a part of your career, and occupation will provide...

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Calvin K. May 11, 2016

How valuable is volunteer experience for job applications?

I've heard volunteer experience is a valuable thing to have when applying for jobs, so is it especially recommended/desired? I have no time to dedicate to volunteering due to a job and full-time school, so I'm a little concerned this might impact my future job searches and applications. How...

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Courtney B. May 10, 2016

What advice would you offer to someone who isn't exactly 100% sure what type of career they want to pursue?

I know some interests I have, and possible careers I may be interested in, but I'm not quite sure how to decide or figure out which path is the right one for me. #career #career-path #career-paths #undecided...


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Alisha S. May 10, 2016

What are the opportunities in Event Management?

How can one become a successful event manager? What do you need to study? #career...


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Alisha S. May 10, 2016

How does one get into the YouTube or Social Media Industry ?

What skills do you need and do you need a degree for this kind of industry? #career #tech #social-media...


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Laura D. May 10, 2016

What are some careers/ majors that I can do that use and deal with math skills and abilities?

I am asking you this because Math is my favorite subject in school and It is something that Im good at. I want to pursue a career in it, but don't know what a good major would be for it. #computer-science #business #career #science #education #accounting...


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Fatema L. May 10, 2016

How important is math really when pursuing a career in pediatrics?

Math was never my best subject and especially this year, as a high school junior, precalculus hit me hard. When I see numbers mixed with symbols like theta and sin cos etc, I get mini headaches. My cumulative average for ONLY math subjects (algebra, geometry, algebra 2/trig, precalculus) is...

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Anina H. May 10, 2016

If the career you're passionate about doesn't make a lot of money for this area, should you switch careers or consider doing something else?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at CareerVillage. One of my best friends used to want to be a certain career- until they read a list online that declared his area of choice as one of the "top 10 lowest paying jobs". He immediately changed his mind to marketing and...

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Maricar D. May 09, 2016

What are some tips when trying to be a high school teacher in English?

Trying to become an English teacher for high school, specifically 11th/12th grade. #career #teaching #career-counseling...


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Victoria G. May 09, 2016

What are some jobs that involve a Finance major but aren't necessarily sit down all day jobs or are interesting?

I'm going into Finance and like dealing with money but do not know what I want to do in the field yet. #career...


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Sowmiya K. May 09, 2016

how many cardiologist in India

hi iam sowmiya .iam studying 10std .i want to know this #career #science #teaching...


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MEGAN A. May 09, 2016

How can you change a job into a career?

I've always wondered where the definitive change is between a job and a career. When do you know that you've settled into a career and not just a temporary job? Is it ever too late to find a new career? #career...


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Ellen R. May 08, 2016

What are job options for those who have product development and product design degrees?

My current college major is product development and it is a topic that interests me very much. I am wondering what careers are possible for me #career #development...


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Claudia P. May 07, 2016

How much travel is the "perfect" amount?

In the future I hope to work in a position that requires some amount of travel. Based on your experience, how much is too much? I do hope to start a family in later years. #career...


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Vivian L. May 07, 2016

How to make connections?

I've been told that one of the largest parts of getting into the career you want to be in requires strong communication skills. That is, the ability to create connections with other people. What would be a good way of going about this? #career...


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Ana G. May 06, 2016

What CEO works with patient satisfaction in the medical field ?

I love having that patient interaction. I love it so much that i decided to set it as my ultimate long term goal;. I was wondering what kind of CEO works with patient satisfaction, what is the name of this career. #career #nursing #hospital #ceo #career-goals #long-term-care...


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Ana G. May 06, 2016

What is a good minor to have if majoring in nursing ?

I am majoring in nursing, was hoping to minor in something that will aid in my emergency room nursing career #college #career #nursing #major #college-minor #future #emergency-medicine...


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Kay J. May 05, 2016

What are the best jobs to have while in high school?

I want my resume to be impressive, even when i'm young. What are the best jobs to have on your resume going into college? Which jobs will give me the most valuable experiences? #career #human-resources...


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Nacolma L. May 05, 2016
Nacolma  L.’s Avatar
Nacolma L. May 05, 2016
Nacolma  L.’s Avatar
Nacolma L. May 05, 2016

What is the lowest degree you can get to become a Critical Care Nurse

I'm interested #career...


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Nacolma L. May 05, 2016

What classes would you need to take for a Obsetrician and Gynecologist

I want to be this when I graduate #career...


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Mary B. May 05, 2016

Is it better to go to grad school at a different university than your undergrad?

I've heard people say this and I'm just curious if it was true or not. #career #career-path...


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Devonio L. May 03, 2016

What is a good career to pursue in business?

Because I want to learn more about business. #business...


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Shobha V. May 05, 2016

After discontinuous 9th standard ,how to continue education?

I wrote 10th exam for this year.i have doubt regarding discontinuous student how to get studying....


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deepika G. May 05, 2016

now i m studying in 12 i have lots of confusions because my combination is not having much scope it s HEBA WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT for better job

there is nothing about me ,this question is because it decides my future plz heip me #career #teaching #teacher...


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Tyler D. May 04, 2016

Any advice on my grades in chemistry?

Ever since I was little I've wanted to become a doctor. I'm a junior in high school. I have 100% in anatomy and physiology. I love anatomy. I can name you all of the bones in the human body and every organ. I'm working on the muscles (haha I guess it's a hobby of mine) The problem is my...

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Duaa O. May 04, 2016

Doctors: What did you major in in college and why?

I am an aspiring Anesthesiologist and I would love to know more about the career path that I am going into. #doctor #career #medicine #science #medical #biology...


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Deborah S. May 04, 2016

What kind of major gives me the most career opportunities?

I know what I want to study but I also know that it can change. What are some good alternatives to study if I don't like my major? #business #career #college-major #career-paths #major #career-change #business-idea...


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Velayutham D. May 04, 2016

How to describe the typical work in Company?

I want know the company work and how to describe the work. #career #work #worker...


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Vivian L. May 04, 2016

Are there any careers that are similar to Nursing?

I'm interested in becoming a Registered Nurse because it guarantees interaction with people but I'd like to know about other possible career paths. #career #nursing #medical #nurse...