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A career is a personal journey that is not defined by a single role or moment in time. Every job is a part of your career, and occupation will provide...

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Aly B. 16 hours ago 25 views

How do you make a name for yourself in reality?

I am thinking about pursing a business degree and becoming a realtor. I would love to have my own brokerage and create my own business. #marketing...


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Beau A. Sep 16 56 views

How far can i get in a career?

#criminal-justice #acting #career #career-choice I want to be an actor or police officer but i don't know the...

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Dylan R. 2 days ago 55 views

The Best Career for a Lover of Language

Hello everyone! I was just wondering what a good career would be for someone with my hobbies/skillsets/shortcomings. I am an aspiring polyglot, specifically with Korean, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, English (Native), Japanese, and Russian. As of posting this...

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Sammy G. Sep 18 38 views

What recommended college to be a good pediatrician?



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Sharar S. Jul 13 189 views

I don't know what to pursue in, and I can't find motivation to find it either.

I don't feel motivated by anything to try and find out what I want to do. I thought I might've have wanted to go into the computer science field, but now I realized that it's not the direction I think I should go. So I don't know what I want to do now. #career #computer-science #career-choice...


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Taylor R. Sep 18 17 views

what is it like being a Cognitive Therapist? what do you have to do qualify to be a Cognitive Therapist?

what is the day to day life of a normal of a Cognitive Therapist? what do you do on your day to day life? whats the job like and such. and also, what do you have to do to qualify and work as a Cognitive Therapist? i want to know so i can be one, one day. #cognitive-therapy...


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Zeporian C. Sep 18 70 views

What are good career options if I am interested in both writing and "using my creative mind"?

I am a sophomore in high school looking for career options that not only let me use my creative mind but also don't limit me from doing more than one thing in life. I don't know exactly what I want to do, however I do know I want it to make people smile. I'm interested in writing, traveling,...

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Eli C. Sep 18 70 views
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Ke'Juan C. Sep 18 29 views

Why do most jobs differ between pay grade based on experience.

#career I dont really understand this part of the...

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Moussa S. Sep 18 31 views

How much education you need to become a engineer?

I am a 9th grader that like to plan for my future #getready #engineer...


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Nancy O. Sep 17 49 views

Why programming with python 3 so hard?

I'm finally taking a scripting class, and I realize programming is not for me. it's funny how I was passionate to learn about it, now I realize that it is really hard. I really want to understand it, but using the required website for my class called "ZyBooks", It's not helping me...

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Annette L. Sep 16 89 views

I seem to be having trouble knowing what I want to be/do as a career. Is there any tips I can take/learn to find out what I want to do/be?

I am a senior in high school and have been having trouble not knowing what I want to do since I started high school. I used to be very motivated and inspired to do many things such as drawing, but now I don't feel the same way. I feel stuck or lost and scared for the future. #high-school...

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Eliezer W. Sep 16 36 views

What should I major in if I want to be a psychiatrist that works with anorexics and bulimics?

I am a senior in high school and am trying to get some outside input on my major. This career has been my dream for about two years and I am looking for any advice I can get from people who work in the field. Thank you so much for your help. #majors...


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jaycie T. Sep 16 30 views

What are a few of the jobs you can have with a masters degree in nursing?

I wish to become a pediatric nurse eventually, but I have to become a certified Registered nurse first. I am a senior in high school looking for a future career as a nurse for children. #career #high-school...


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Jordan F. Sep 16 41 views

How do you get the best job for you?

I want to go to college and then become a vet....


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Alyssa S. Sep 16 58 views
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Alicia Y. Sep 15 40 views

How many patients do you have a day?

I like to keep myself busy but not too busy where I hate my job now. I have a career I want but I also want to learn about different types of careers. #all careers #finding career #career #career-path #career-choice #orthodontist #dental hygienist #doctor #surgeon #job #pediatrician #eye...

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jessica P. Sep 15 85 views

Interned at Google as a Product Manager and wonder switching my career role

Interned at Google and a couple of startups and realized that product management framework isn't something tangible where it's not an essential skillset needed in a startup. I'd like to be a person who's absolutely needed with tangible skill sets. Talked with a few product managers who've...

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C L. Sep 12 170 views

What to say when reaching out connections on Linkedin?

THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO ANSWER MY QUESTION! Context: I came across a job posting in "X" department I'd like to apply and I know someone who works at that company in "Y" department. I understand that X & Y departments work closely together. I want to gain more insights about the...

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Marialexa G. Sep 10 67 views

Hi, I just wanted to know how it is to be a lawyer? When studying and once you've already graduated. How is the whole experience?

I've been thinking a lot about becoming a lawyer since I want to help people get the justice they deserve. I can be very disciplined and dedicated if I actually want to do something and I wanted to know how it would be to actually be a lawyer, and if it would be the right choice. #lawyers...

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Sharon P. Sep 06 64 views

How do you find your niche in writing

I am currently working on improving my writing skills, but having a challenge defining my niche, would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how. Thanks #writers #authors...


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Najae M. Sep 05 179 views

What should I do to take that next step now that were in a pandemic?

I'm currently in 11th grade, and as of right now, I'm a little lost on the next steps I should take that would be beneficial to my career in the future. I want to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner or a Nicu nurse. #nurse #health #career...


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Zeporian C. Sep 04 153 views

I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm exploring my career options. What are some career options that align with these interests and what are some helpful next steps I can take in the near future?

At school I'm mostly interested in English while my hobbies include writing, criticizing or praising movies and music, photography, and anything that has to do with design or visual art. Topics that intrigue me are politics, debate, and changing the world for the...

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kendrekia D. Sep 04 76 views

hey i wanna be a obgyn nurse but dont know where to start i was wounder if you can help me with that?

i am a very nice person help people in needed i finna start my own business and going to college so i can be a obgyn nurse #career #jobs...


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champeria T. Sep 04 55 views

what is a way for me to have the best lifestyle for a black successful woman

i'm hardworking and i'm a working on bettering myself and my self esteem #career #doctor #registered...

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DeAndrea W. Sep 04 82 views
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Dominque O. Sep 04 24 views

How many years do you have to do to be a neonatal nurse

I am a a high school junior and when i get to the 12th and graduate I want to go to college and study #career neonatal...

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Bria S. Sep 04 70 views

How can I start my rap career?

I been training myself every since I was 10 and once I had got comfortable I started rapping in front of my parents and they loved it....


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Dandya J. Sep 04 91 views

what career would be best for me ?

I am a high school senior & I’m not sure what career I want to do but I enjoy typing, writing, and solving problems. #high-school #career...


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Ja'Taya N. Sep 04 105 views

I am in the 10th grade and I am beginning to explore my future career , what are some careers I should consider based on my passions ?

I am in the 10th grade . I like drawing characters and making designs . I also like decorating . Although , I'm worried about the pay . Which drawing career pays the most? #career...


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Faye W. Sep 02 78 views

What are some of the careers I can choose? I'm a PR student but don't want to work in an agency.

My major is public relations and I've worked at a couple of agencies that specialize in PR, digital marketing, and advertising. As I gained industry experiences, I realized that agency work is probably not a good fit for me. I do like the creative, fast-paced, everyday-is-not-the-same part of...

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Samyukta S. Sep 01 76 views

Do surgeons of the future have much scope?

Does surgery (by people) have much scope? Won't it most likely be replaced by automated machines which can do a much more accurate work? #surgery #robotics #career...


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Itzel R. Aug 31 190 views

I'm in a Community College but I dont know what I want to major in.

I would like to travel around the world and explore new places, earn money and be able to help others. I'm not sure what I want to major in and its stressing me out. I'm also afraid to choose the wrong career. How can I know exactly what I want? And what classes should I take if I'm undecided?...

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carter J. Aug 31 58 views
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Emma B. Aug 31 278 views

Can someone recommend me a major to consider?

Hi everyone i'm applying to colleges right now am i'm having a hard time choosing a major. I like math and science but my natural strengths are in writing and public speaking. I would like to go to grad school after college but I also want a major that offers good career options right out of...

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Abigail O. Aug 30 94 views

What is the difference between an assistant anesthesiologist and a fully-trained anesthesiologist?

I am curious about the differences between an assistant anesthesiologist and an anesthesiologist who went to medical school. What are the differences in day-to-day life? How much do you work with others? Do both do shift work? Is it possible to become an assistant anesthesiologist and then...

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Camerin K. Aug 28 60 views

What are some recommended classes at college for a computer science major?

Hey, my name is Camerin and I live in Grundy Center Iowa. I'm looking for some advice on some classes to take when going to college. #career...


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Madelyn M. Aug 28 101 views

what are some possible careers where i can investigate racism and racial awareness?

I feel very passionately about racism and I would love to educate other about this topic, what are some possible career opportunities related to this? #career #racism...


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Madelyn M. Aug 28 71 views

What are some possibly careers related to psychology or psychology and racism?

I would like to do something is psychology maybe but i do not want to be a psychiatrist. Are there any suggestions possibly related to psychology with racial awareness? #psychology #career...


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Jacob D. Jul 16, 2019 138 views

What are the different types of ships i work on if i become a shipping engineer?

I am currently in job corps and thinking about training to be a shipping engineer, but i have no clue what that entails and what type of ships i could work on. Do i need a better education/ degree to work on cruise ship sand yachts or would it be the same education level as working on a cargo...

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How competitive is this job and would this job be a full time or part-time job...