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Career Questions tagged Ceo

Daylen W.’s Avatar
Daylen W. Jan 28 2032 views

How do you become a successful entrepreneur?

I am a senior in highschool and need help on how to become a successful entrepreneur. entrepreneur ceo...


Sushma C.’s Avatar
Sushma C. May 10, 2016 697 views

i have completed BA i want to do job which job is suitable for BA course ?

I have completed my BA I am interested in doing job please help me which job suitable ?...


Shane R.’s Avatar
Shane R. Oct 27, 2020 124 views

How can I own my own business?

Hello, my name is Shane. I am 17 and I am currently a senior in high school. I was wondering how I would get to owning my own my business. Do I need to go to college? How long does it take to own a business? Any certifications I need to own my own business? Do I need to go to college to own my...

entrepenuer business ceo

TashinaCodman1 .’s Avatar
TashinaCodman1 . Sep 24, 2012 1313 views

What is it like being a CEO?

Hi. I want to know how is it like working for a business person like sitting in the office filing paper and all. I know it takes a hard worker to do everything in one day, But what is the quality of work you do and if so how much will you get paid? business...


kaiden A.’s Avatar
kaiden A. Mar 18 245 views

what is the salary for a fast food worker

i like to talk to people and I like to make new friends food ceo...


Brooke E.’s Avatar
Brooke E. Oct 21, 2016 668 views

With being a women, and if I pursure a career in STEM, what are the possibilities for me?

I would like to know because sometimes being a women can hold you back from doing certain jobs due to the advancement you need to take and not every women would take them due to they really don't fully understand them, and or a women has never held that role before. business-development...

federal-government government-relations international-business ceo

Andre K.’s Avatar
Andre K. Mar 01, 2016 1032 views

What are some skills that can be developed to become a CEO?

Want some useful and helpful skills to be a successful CEO in the future. entrepreneur...


Frank C.’s Avatar
Frank C. Jan 25 202 views

Who are the right people to know in the businesses industry

Im a very hard woring guy looking to share my ideas with the world and put my name on the map business-development career-counseling travel...


Borna B.’s Avatar
Borna B. Oct 19, 2020 235 views

I have chose Electrical engineering for B.S now what?

Dear everyone, I'm very thankful for all your support and time that you have dedicated for me. Well for those who don't know what I have been through, Im going to write you a fast story. I was struggling choosing a good subject to study at University in Iran. Well I was able to go to top...

electrical ee engineering ceo business electrical_engineering

Emmanuel M.’s Avatar
Emmanuel M. Jul 30, 2020 331 views

How can a beginner improve their editorial skills?

Would you please tell me who is, if there is such an individual, the world's most renown editor in the world. One that deals with literature, and most preferable blogs and articles in the topics of finance and education. If there's no such thing, would you be kind enough to point me to some...

ceo worldclass july2020 editor editorial-writing

Thomas L.’s Avatar
Thomas L. May 22, 2016 600 views

How do you use your linkedin profile to it's full advantage to get a job?

I've made a linkedin profile and I don't quite understand how to use it to obtain a job that I want. I am currently a sophomore in college, I major in Civil Environmental engineering and I would like to know how using Linkedin can help me find a job. Thank you. job linkedin ceo...


Borna B.’s Avatar
Borna B. Sep 21, 2020 191 views

Mechanical engineering or Polymer Engineering

Hey I guys I really need help about this: well I must tell more about myself. I have just finished my high school and Im applying for Universities in Iran. I have a good chance to apply the toppest Universities in Iran. My father is an CEO and Founder of a plastic company(which creates polymers...

polymer ceo factory entrepreneur mechanical

JaChae C.’s Avatar
JaChae C. Jul 05, 2018 553 views

What are the tasks and responsibilities Real Estate Agents have?

I am a high school senior wanting to become a real estate agent. I wanted to know an in depth what the responsibilities and tasks are so I could maybe prepare myself before actually becoming a real estate agent. business real-estate employer realtor economics housing estate help...

focus pro marketing ceo

Moussa S.’s Avatar
Moussa S. Sep 18, 2020 238 views

How much do engineers love there job?

I am a 9th grader who like to understand other engineers feeling on there job which am interested in. jobs engineer...


oriana O.’s Avatar
oriana O. Aug 02, 2020 333 views

What job in the FBI would have a lot of leadership- that's similar to being a CEO?

I really like to know what jobs are like CEO or have a lot of leadership in the FBI- I work better and teams, and even better when I can take charge with the help of others. career ceo business FBI Law management...


Terrance J.’s Avatar
Terrance J. Aug 27, 2016 932 views

What are at-least 5 powerful words intertwined with success.

Success is something hard to obtain because there is so much to life. That thickness of life itself is what makes life so great. But what does it mean to live a successful life. psychology ceo performing-arts beauty happiness succession-planning success-driven...


carlos V.’s Avatar
carlos V. Sep 16, 2019 262 views

how does it feel to be a ceo of a big company

im funny chill i like math and video games and i want to be a ceo of a big video company video games...


Jade L.’s Avatar
Jade L. Mar 19, 2018 369 views

How do you start a business?

I aspire to be an optometrist and hopefully start my own optometry practice cold. How would I go about doing this? optometry eye-care entrepreneurship ceo...


Isabel S.’s Avatar
Isabel S. May 23, 2016 693 views

How do you know if you're making the right career choice?

I want to do Culinary Arts, but another part of me wants to be a teacher. teacher chef...


William C.’s Avatar
William C. Jan 20, 2018 441 views

Would it be more benificial to earn a minor in communications rather than a minor in computer science

I'm a Business Management major and have aspirations of becoming a CEO on day. With technology becoming a growing trend in today's society, would communications or computer science be a more beneficial minor for a possible CEO of a technology/technological sales company future ceo technology...

management scholarship business communications

Maurice D.’s Avatar
Maurice D. Sep 01, 2017 658 views

Hows's Your Time Scheduling Being Your Own Boss?

I was asking because i know sometimes bosses of their own company's sometimes lose time to even witness their business prosper and you can create memories with your customers , so I was just wondering is everything you do on a daily basis takes up majority of your time where you can't be with...

business entrepreneurship ceo

Chinaza O.’s Avatar
Chinaza O. May 25, 2016 2654 views

Can someone who starts out as a Mechanical Engineer advance to become a CEO and would they still be able to practice engineering?

My dream is to someday own a company and I would like to know if I could still practice while doing so engineering mechanical-engineering tech...