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Chemistry plays a significant role in understanding diseases and their remedies. Popular careers for a chemist involve pharmaceutical sales, food and flavor chemist, water quality chemist, and many more. Please...

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Mary B. Oct 26, 2016 341 views

As a young woman preparing to enter the field as a Forensic Chemist, is there any specific obstacles I will face due to gender in this field?

I am a young woman looking into becoming a Forensic Chemist, and I have not researched enough about the topic to know if it was predominantly male or female. So my question here is there any specific obstacles I will face due to gender in this field? Will some situations be tougher to deal...

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Renata D. Oct 26, 2016 549 views

How much of math knowledge do you need to have in order to major in Biology?

I like science, such as biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology, but math is not my strong quality. #biology #mathematics #math #chemistry...


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Amanda M. Oct 25, 2016 902 views

With a forensic science degree with a concentration in biology, what is to be expected job-wise?

I intend to major in forensic science (biology, not chemistry), but even after quite a lot of research, I'm finding it quite difficult figuring out what exactly one does if they have biology as the concentration (for the major). I prefer biology over chemistry, so I'm just wondering if a major...

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Parker S. Oct 25, 2016 380 views

What are the challenges one faces in a STEM career?

I am a junior in high school and it is getting to that time where I need to seriously start considering my future. #science #biology #chemistry #physics #stem...


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Alex L. Oct 25, 2016 561 views

What will a masters do for me in the field of chemistry?

I'm looking into going into chemistry as a major, but I am not sure what the difference will be if I go into the field with a bachelor's degree as compared to a master's degree. #college-major #chemistry #bachelors-degree...


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Alex L. Oct 25, 2016 510 views

Does a general chemistry major allow someone to go into creation of medicine such as pharmaceuticals?

I am wanting to go into the field of chemistry, starting by majoring in general chemistry. I know that I will be able to do some chemical research, but I would like to know if I could possibly go into creating medicine. #medicine #college-major #chemistry...


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Kellen L. Oct 25, 2016 1189 views

Describe a day in the life of a Chemical Engineer at work.

I am a high school senior and am looking into possibly chemical engineering. I was hoping to hear from several different CEs to determine the array of opportunities it might have as a career. #engineering #engineer #chemistry #chemical-engineering #chemical-engineer...


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Kaitlyn W. Oct 23, 2016 431 views

Is a phD necessary in order to become a pharmaceutical chemist? What is the best education path in order to get the most of out this career?

I want to be a pharmaceutical chemist, but have heard that there are many different education paths you could take to get there. I am wondering what the smartest path would be, as this could help narrow my college search. #medicine #chemistry #pharmaceuticals #pharmaceutical-industry...


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Matt W. Oct 23, 2016 741 views

What kind of products do chemical engineers design?

Considering going into chemical engineering, I'm interested in what I would actually do post graduation #engineering #mechanical-engineering #chemistry #chemical-engineering #chemicals #organic-chemistry...


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Erik C. Oct 22, 2016 333 views

What colleges are better for my career?

Can anyone give me an idea of a few colleges, not including University of Kentucky or Eastern Kentucky University, that would provide the best education for general chemistry. #university #chemistry...


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Erik C. Oct 22, 2016 421 views

What kinds of collage subjects should i try taking first for my degree?

I'm trying to go into chemical engineering (maybe even general chemistry) but I have only a basic idea of what class subjects I'm going to have to take in order to fully understand my field. If anyone can give me advise on what types of classes to take my freshman or sophomore year I would very...

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Deborah P. Oct 22, 2016 379 views

What major would be most beneficial if I am planning to go into medical school?

I am planning on entering a health profession right now, but I was wondering what the best courses would be to take in college with what related major. #medicine #biology #healthcare #health...


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Katie K. Oct 22, 2016 516 views

How stressful is the job of an ER surgeon?

In movies it is depicted as a nearly impossible job, but is that the same in real life? #medicine #biology #pre-med...


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Katie K. Oct 22, 2016 431 views
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Shane C. Oct 21, 2016 535 views

What career path can you take with a degree in Chemical Engineering?

I am applying as a chemical engineering major in college. #engineering #science #chemistry...


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Allison S. Oct 21, 2016 1363 views

What careers can come from a biochemistry degree?

I am looking to study to become some sort of pharmacologist and most colleges do not have it as a major. Biochemistry seems to be interesting and applicable to many different jobs. Looking to know more. Thanks! #biology #career-path #chemistry #pharmacy...


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Lisamarie G. Oct 20, 2016 272 views

in my class there is a HUGE gender gap a bit intimidating and worrisome and i'm not sure if this is something i should worry about or just brush off?

i'm the only girl in my class planning to specialize in chemical engineering it's a widely known option so i thought there would be more candidates.. #chemistry #chemical-engineering #chemical...


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Lisamarie G. Oct 20, 2016 430 views

What are some obstacles i should tackle that will show me what being a chemical engineer is really like?

i want a taste of the chem engineer life is it bland with little flavor or alive with disease #chemistry #chemical-engineering #chemical-engineer...


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Lisamarie G. Oct 20, 2016 424 views

I'm really not sure if a stem career is right for me, I love math and science and absolutely adore the thought of getting paid to do what i love! Is there a way for me to know i want to make sure this is what i want how can i be sure?

I have an ap calculus class and it's giving me trouble i thought i loved math but this has me pulling my hair out! anyway how can i teach this is i cannot do it myself, or am i thinking too far ahead? should i give it time does it get easier should i just push through and hope for brighter...

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Morgan K. Oct 20, 2016 499 views
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Trisha W. Oct 19, 2016 432 views

What are the most important skills and abilities required for a Forensic Toxicologist?

I am asking this question because in the future I want to be a Forensic Toxicologist and I want to be prepared with the right skills to get the job. #chemistry #criminal-justice #forensic-analysis...


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Lindsay S. Oct 19, 2016 436 views

Do I have to study chemistry or biology in college to become a Forensic Scientist?

I have been debating over whether it will be easier to find work in this field if I major in a strictly science subject, or if I can major in criminal justice/criminology and still achieve the same goal. #science #biology #chemistry #forensic #college-majors #japan #criminology...

#criminal-investigations #crime-scene-investigator

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Nicholas P. Aug 17, 2016 434 views

What are some tips for getting research opportunities while an undergraduate?

I'm currently a high-school senior who will be starting college in the fall of 2017 and I hope to be involved in research at my university as soon as possible, but I'm not sure how best to go about doing that. #college #science #biology #research #chemistry...


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Samreen F. Jun 23, 2016 588 views

I have interest in Chemisrty. What are the career choices available

Need career advice related to chemistry #science #chemistry #pharmaceuticals...


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Yogesh S. Jun 22, 2016 336 views

In which stream i should select in higher studies to become a Scientist?

I am interested in studying science. So, I want to become a Scientist. But, I couldn't know to select my stream in higher studies. Please tell me which stream could i select? #research #chemistry #scientist #biologist #chemist...


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Darrian B. Jun 04, 2016 469 views

What summer course should i enroll in?

Hello. I have just recently graduated from high school and am planning to attend college in the fall. I will be taking a summer class at a local community college and I was wondering which class should I sign up for. I was thinking about signing up for chemistry intro. Is this hard. I took...

#chemistry #education #college

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Alec J. May 29, 2016 497 views

Are there webistes out there that can help me when I'm taking my chemistry courses?

I was just curious about if there are different websites that can help me when I'm taking my chemistry courses throughout college. I know that college courses offer students office hours and review sessions so I was just wondering if there was certain sites for individual study. #college...

#biochemistry #science #tutoring #chemistry

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Myan N. May 28, 2016 470 views

Any tips for an incoming college freshman student whose majoring in biology?

I'm currently stressing at the moment because I'm weak at chemistry so it worries me for it could be an obstacle for me to get my biology degree. #college #biology #school #chemistry...


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Myan N. May 28, 2016 575 views

If I don't particularly like chemistry or math, and also weak in the field of chemistry and math, but is doing a biology major, should I choose a different major ?

I am really debating because I am not really good in chemistry, like in really bad, but is currently pursing a biological science major, should I continue it or choose another major? #college #science #math #chemistry #major #majors...


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Samantha J. May 27, 2016 790 views

What career can I have involving Chemistry?

I really liked learning about chemistry and want to find a career in it. Many have told me to go into a pharmaceutical career path, but it doesn't spark my interest. #college #science #professor #chemistry #chemist...