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Career Questions tagged Choices

Gunnar’s Avatar
Gunnar Sep 22, 2022 294 views

Careers without College?

What caeers are there that do not require college or further education versus a vocational school?

Lisha’s Avatar
Lisha Oct 26, 2020 306 views

What is the deciding factor for someone deciding which type of law to study?

#law #choices #law-practice

Francisco’s Avatar
Francisco Feb 27, 2019 512 views

How do I know if my choices are the right ones.

#choices #life

Damaris’s Avatar
Damaris Aug 03, 2018 648 views

How do I narrow my college search?

I've been trying in vain to narrow down my list of colleges, it feels like deadlines are around the corner and I have no idea what I would do in the best case scenario that I got accepted into all the universities I am applying to #college #search #help #choices #narrow

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Aug 03, 2018 435 views

I have too many interests! Where do I go

I have played violin, painted, acted, sung, and worked well with my hands (i.e. mechanically) my whole life. How do I find a good college when my talents are so spread out?
#arts #career #choices

naomi’s Avatar
naomi Jan 23, 2018 555 views

What are some actions or thoughts that defined you'r career?

50-70% of students change their majors at least once. Among 2,134 workers, 32% said they have never worked in a field related to their major. I was wondering, what lead you to choose your career and how are you different from the next person in the same career? #career #choices

Mallory’s Avatar
Mallory Jan 18, 2018 559 views

I am struggling choosing between four colleges. How do I know which one is right for me?

I have been debating between four colleges for a while now. I have been accepted to two, I am pretty sure I will get accepted to another one of them, and the last one I am unsure whether I will be accepted or not. They all have so many pros and cons, and I am a terrible decision maker. I just...

Reyna’s Avatar
Reyna Jan 18, 2018 1290 views

Is it better to keep doing what you’re good at or to challenge yourself with something out of your comfort zone?

Throughout all of my life, I’ve always gotten stuck at forks in the road: one pathway appearing to be safe and pleasant, and the other looking more like the depths of Hell. The sloth in me is always tempted to just take the easiest paths; however, this doesn’t often lead to the self-growth that...