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College admissions are the process of requesting approval to attend whichever college was applied to. For more information, please read below.

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Dennis M. Oct 12, 2018 227 views

Does retaking the ACT/SAT really matter when applying for college?

If my scores were low, can I really make a difference in my score? enough that I can increase my chances of receiving scholarship and grant awards to help with the cost of college? #college #tuition #scholarship #grant #cost #accept #win #usa #graduate #financial-aid #college-admissions...


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Julia E. Oct 09, 2018 301 views

How can I cope with not getting being able to afford your dream school?

I have unfortunately set my mind on one school. Although I am applying to multiple, I can only really see myself at this one school. The problem is if I don't get a chunk of financial aid, then it will be really hard for me to actually attend that institution. How can I cope so I won't be...

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Gabriela M. Oct 09, 2018 215 views

Should I put community service/clubs/etc. that aren't necessarily in my career path on my college application?

I plan on studying pharamceutical sciences and anything related. I am in a few clubs and organizations that will give me experience and show that I am dedicated to my decision. However, I'm also in other clubs/organizations that are more or less recreational and have little to nothing to do...

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Samantha Z. Oct 05, 2018 177 views

PT school deadline

Does anyone know how long it will be until you find out if you get accepted into graduate school, PT more specifically? #admissions #college-admissions #graduate-school #ptschool...


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Samantha Z. Oct 05, 2018 188 views

Can you apply to scholarships before you get accepted to a school?

I have been applying to some scholarships already and they ask what school I am going to. I am not currently in school and applying to a physical therapy program. Can I start applying to scholarships or do I have to wait until I get that acceptance letter? #college #scholarship...

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Kathryn C. Sep 29, 2018 377 views

How important are clubs/extracurricular activities in comparison to coursework or internships??

Does joining clubs or extracurricular activities during your years as an undergraduate significantly impact your resume or chances at graduate school or is it better to keep that to a minimum and focus on getting work experience and taking a rigorous course load?? # #college #grad-school...

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soledad G. Sep 27, 2018 180 views

Community College or Universities?

Applying to colleges is stressful. One thing i'm thankful is that ever since 6th grade my school made us focus on college. I used to complain but i've never been so thankful. Now i need to make a decision if i want to attend a community or University. I have the grades but not the money. What...

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Nicholas P. Sep 26, 2018 177 views

How Can I Get More Scholarships With a Mediocre GPA?

Honestly through high school I have been very lazy and it took me until the end of last year to get off my feet. I then got a 3.5 GPA in the last trimester. My cumulative GPA is 2.8 and I still want to go to college and I need financial help. I am paying for college on my own. #financial-help...

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Gabriela M. Sep 13, 2018 193 views

How can I show colleges that I am eager to go to their school?

There's going to be an information session for a school I plan on applying which I will be attending. What can I do to show the advisors that I am passionate about their school? What questions should I ask? #college #college-selection #school...


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Gabriela M. Sep 03, 2018 160 views

What are some ways I can make my college application stand out?

I'm worried my college application will look like any other. I want colleges to be in awe with my application. What are some ways I can make that happen? #college #college-advice #college-admissions...


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Samuel A. Sep 01, 2018 277 views

What will help college admissions officers look at my resume

What kind of things should I do to differentiate my self from the rest of the crowd of other students. # #resume #college...


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Ricardo V. Sep 01, 2018 168 views

DACA students

Anyone known a place a DACA student can apply for a Scholarship? # #scholarship #college #college-admissions #college-advice...


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Isabell B. Aug 27, 2018 125 views

Do colleges see scholarships the applicant has received?

Do colleges see if the applicant has won any scholarships and could it effect their decision on being accepted? #college-admissions...

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Eva K. Jan 13, 2018 222 views

What are some things that the MIT Admissions Department looks for?

I have read that MIT looks for many things in its applicants that aren’t spoken about, does anyone know a few of these? #mit #massachusetts-institute-of-technology #college...


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Lisa Z. Aug 13, 2018 178 views

Are out of state schools worth it? I get homesick easily but there are better schools outside of where I live...

The schools I'm interested in are mainly out of state, and on opposite sides of the country (from where I live). I hear that a majority of people stay within 5 hrs of their hometown. #distance #school...


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Klees T. Aug 10, 2018 163 views
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Amina G. Mar 10, 2018 217 views

What GPA do UC schools look like?

When applying to UC schools in California, what GPA do the schools look at (i.e. scholastic, weighted, unweighted, etc), because I want to be prepared to take the right classes? #uc #gpa #admissions...


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Abdirasaq A. Apr 27, 2018 229 views

What is the most important thing medical schools look for besides your GPA or MCAT?

I have all of these options and I know I need to do something to show on my application. It is nice to be involved and well rounded. #medicine #med-school -school #doctor #admissions...


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Josie C. May 08, 2018 203 views

Does my ethnic background play a role in whether or not I get accepted?

I am asking about ethnicity because I am a white, female, however, I have Cherokee Indian on my grandfather's side of the family. I have no idea how to prove it; or what route to take. Is it even needed? Would it help getting admitted as a mixed ethnicity? #cherokee #admitme #financial-aid...

#admissions #ethnicity #college #college-admissions

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Jade M. May 16, 2018 225 views

What kind of medical-related jobs are med schools looking for?

I hope to go to medical school after I graduate. I know there is a lot that medical schools want to see on your application even before you apply. I have heard from some other med students that you need to have some form of job experience or volunteer experience in a hospital with patients. I...

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Emily V. May 16, 2018 190 views

How much more competitive is an Ivy League degree compared to a SUNY degree?

If two candidates are applying for the same job, will the one with the Ivy League School degree get it over the SUNY degree applicant? #degrees #college #ivy-league #suny #admissions...