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Are you on your way to college and have a question? Read below, and you may find your answer.

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Nicholas G. Jan 26, 2018 287 views
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Benjamin K. Jan 24, 2018 282 views

What should i do in college to stand out to employers?

what activities and things should i do in college so when i come out i will be irresistible to employers. i want to be a macro or micro economist. #college-bound #college-advice #collegelife #macro-economics...


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Leonardo O. Jan 23, 2018 317 views

If I'm going into a major that I don't know that I really like, what should I do?

I put the major I would want on my application as Physics but I don't think it'll be the right major for me but I don't know what major is the right one for me. #choosing-major #college-major...


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Andrea J. Jan 22, 2018 266 views

If I go into college "indecisive" would it make me more behind than others?

I know many people that go into college with a specific career/major in mind and a few others who go into college indecisive. Iv'e recently heard many different opinions when it comes to college and what I should do. My concern is, if I were to go into college indecisive and later chose a...


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Seth T. Jan 22, 2018 290 views

How important is having a College Degree in the real world, or is work experience more important?

I plan on attending college, however I don’t want to deal with having college debt. Would going to a trade school or getting into the workforce early be better instead of attending a 4 year University? #college-bound #tradeschool #college-advice #college...


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Harley S. Jan 21, 2018 267 views

What jobs can I get as a medical student?

I plan on becoming a forensic pathologist, which takes a very, very long time. I'd like to know what kind of jobs I can get at certain levels of my college education. I'd like good money, so I can start paying off student loans early. Thank you! #medical-practice #student-loans...

#forensic-investigation #what-kind-of-jobs-can-i-expect #college-bound #doctorate-degree

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Sabrina K. Jan 20, 2018 301 views

Should I be worried about moving out of my home state?

I plan on moving out of California for college to go up to either Seattle or Portland. I'm also expecting to stay in the area after college instead of returning home. I'm not sure how common this is or even if it would benefit me economically. Something that really worries me is that I won't...

#portland #college-bound #california #seattle #outofstate

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Aradhana K. Jan 15, 2018 274 views

What is college like compared to high school?

I feel like college will be so much better then high school, both time wise and social wise. However I feel like I am getting my hopes too high about what I think college will be. #high-school-students #college-bound...


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Mireia R. Jan 17, 2018 371 views

What advice would you give to an upcoming college freshman?

I'm a soon-to-be college freshman and I'm very nervous because I don't know what to expect. What was college like for you and what advice would you give me? #college #college-admissions #college-advice #college-advising #college-bound ###college #college-majors #education #higher-education...

#college-freshman #university #advice #undergraduate #primary #freshmen

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Ciera M. Jan 17, 2018 213 views

What is the best way to earn cash for college?

I have never liked the idea of using loans. I have earned several scholarships from the college where I've been accepted for the fall semester and most of my tuition is paid. However, there are still some expenses left before I can say everything is covered. What is the best way to earn more...

#college-tuition #college-bound #college #cashforcollege #expenses #scholarships #college-advice #cash

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Hayley K. Jan 17, 2018 323 views

Hardest part of becoming a PT

What is the hardest part about becoming a Physical Therapist? #physical-therapist #physical-therapy...


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Stephanie T. Jan 16, 2018 214 views

What are some things that are important to pack for college?

I'm a senior in high school and will be attending in college in the fall. I have made a packing list for move in day but I want to be sure I bring everything necessary. #college-bound...


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Lizbeth S. Jan 16, 2018 203 views

What would be some helpful tips to a high school student going into college?

I am a High school senior planning on going to college for business this fall and feel that it is going to be a big transition. Is there any advice that you might have to calm pre-college nerves? #college-bound...


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Sreshta V. Jan 16, 2018 213 views

How do I know what type of major is best for me as a high schooler?

I am a junior in high school and am looking at colleges. I want to pursue medicine but I want to know how people choose the major that suites them the most. I feel like medicine does but I'm not sure. #college-bound #choosing-a-major...


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Faith J. Jan 16, 2018 258 views

Is having student debt worth it?

I'm asking because I am wondering if someone decided to go to a more expensive school rather than a cheaper school with the same amenities- basically everything is the same, except the name of the school. I am currently trying to decide whether being in debt from school is worth it because I...

#college-advice #college-bound #college-selection

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Cassidy W. Jan 13, 2018 290 views

Which college should I go to?

I am deciding between Harding University and the University of Alabama. Harding is smaller and farther away, but it simply feels like home and I know a lot of people there that would make my college experience more fun and comfortable. My best friend and brother go there as well. However, there...

#college #college-advice #college-bound #college-selection

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Juliette B. Jan 10, 2018 329 views

What classes do I have to take to become a sports psychologist?

I am a junior in high school and am researching different careers I may be interested in performing in the future. I have been physically active and involved in sports for my whole life and am considering becoming a sports psychologist however I do not know how to go about this. #sports...

#psychology #college-bound #degree-selection #college #applied-psychology #clinical-psychology #college-major #sports-psychology

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Isabel C. Jan 03, 2018 288 views

What should I major in? What courses should I take?

Hello, I'm a junior in high school. I want to work for homeland security. I want to be an Appeals Officer, but I don't know what courses/major. #college #college-bound #college-major #government...


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Abby L. Dec 31, 2017 300 views

How to live efficiently in college?

I'm looking for tips on time management, maximizing storage space and saving money while in college. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! #college #college-bound...


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Abby L. Nov 23, 2017 376 views

How can I deal with an annoying dormmate?

I'm afraid I'll be matched with someone really annoying in college. Will there be opportunity to switch rooms? What other ways could I manage this situation? #college #relationships #college-bound...

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Pradeep R. Oct 20, 2017 311 views

How much is the application to University of California Davis?

I would like to know the cost of the application to various colleges of my interest to prepare myself. #college-admissions #college #college-selection...


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Danielle C. Sep 01, 2017 385 views

What should I bring to my college dorm?

I know most people bring a mini fridge and a microwave to their dorm but what are some other things that most people find essential? #dorm #college...


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rajendra D. Apr 29, 2016 390 views

How do we improve our studies in the college?

Because nowadays students are more interested in playing games so what new method should be applied to improve your our study #college #college-bound #college-advice #college- #studying-tips...


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Devin I. Sep 01, 2017 316 views

How do I get an Idea of what I want to proceed with as a future career?

I'm just a bit conflicted with myself on deciding what to proceed into after High School. I am a senior and the clock is somewhat ticking. I most definitely want to go to college, but what path do I take there and what college is best to go to? #confused #futurecareer #college-bound...


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Eunice M. Sep 01, 2017 341 views

Is it recommended to go in as undecided into college?

I know you have to do general ed the first 2 years but is it an advantage if you name your major before going in? #college #college-bound...