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Determining which college to go to requires much thought. Some students leave home and experience the world by themselves for the first time. Others stay close to home to be...

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Would you recommend graduating early in college if you have all the credits?

My fields of study may require lots of graduate school so is there a way to shorten the time I'm working towards a bachelor's? If so, how? And is that recommended? I really appreciate personal experience and guidance. #college #college-advice #higher-education #colleges #college-major...

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How can I show colleges that I am eager to go to their school?

There's going to be an information session for a school I plan on applying which I will be attending. What can I do to show the advisors that I am passionate about their school? What questions should I ask? #college #college-selection #school...


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How do you find a college with a highly specific major that's a good fit?

I've been having trouble finding colleges with a paleontology program that fit me as a person #college #college-advice #college-major #college-selection #major...


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Leah H. Dec 04, 2019 128 views

I'm trying to narrow down my choices of careers as I look into colleges. How do I find which area fits best for me?

I am a high school junior who is also looking into NAIA or D2 colleges for soccer, but I would like my choices to be more narrowed to at least a certain area of interest. #college-selection #college-advice...


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What are the cons to attending UCLA?

What are some things that you wish you knew before attending UCLA? How did you adapt to these surprises? What advice would you give to a prospective freshman? If you had known these cons, would it have changed your decision to attend UCLA? How is life after graduating from UCLA? #ucla...

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Which SL or HL score is better for college?

Would it be better to have a 7 in SL or a 6 in HL for college admissions? How are SL and HL scores taken into account in relation to AP course scores? #college #college-advice #college-admissions #college-selection #ib...


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What are the best colleges for a nurse to go to ?

I would like to be a nurse in the future and I would like to know a good college to go to so that I learn what I need to know and maybe even more. #nurse #education...


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maryam O. May 25, 2016 510 views

Choosing a college is hard. What college is best for nursing?

I will be attending 2 years at a community college but after I graduate I want to transfer to a 4 year University, what one would you suggest for a BSN degree? #college #nursing #nurse...


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Shortest BSN Programs #online

What are the accrediated schools that offer a BSN in nursing in a short amount of time online? #college #nursing #bsn #nurse...