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Determining which college to go to requires much thought. Some students leave home and experience the world by themselves for the first time. Others stay close to home to be...

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Akampreet K. Oct 12, 2016

As a childhood Education major, I am confused on whether to go to Hunter, City, or Queens College. How should I narrow down my choices?

I am about to attend a 4-year soon but not sure which one I want to go to definitely. Queens College is my 1st but Hunter/City are good choices as well. How should I make the best decision? #college #college-admissions #college-selection...


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Kelly L. Mar 03, 2017

Is it better to go to an art college, or an arts and sciences college?

I'm a freshmen in high school, and I'm currently trying to choose between a college specifically for art, or an arts and sciences college. If I wanted to major in illustration, which type of college should I go to? Is it better to go to an arts and sciences college because I will meet different...

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Katie S. Aug 13, 2016

What are the odds of getting into veterinary school if you don't attend a top level college?

I would like to become a marine mammal veterinarian but the odds of getting into veterinary school are very small. There are only 28 vet schools in the USA. So is it better to attend a top flight undergraduate college where it's also very difficult to get in or go to what is considered an...

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Jenny S. Oct 27, 2016

Is Keiser University a good college for forensics?

I'm interested in this college and would like to know if it is a good college for the major I've decided on. #professor #forensics #college-selection #career-counseling...


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Daniel P. Sep 28, 2017

What college is best for a student wanting to become a physical therapist?

I want to become a physical therapist, and I want other people's opinion on the best school for this. #physical-therapy...


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Annalyse N. May 13, 2016

What is the most important aspect to consider when attempting to choose a college?

I have been very conflicted between which schools to apply to and what factors to consider when trying to choose a school. #college #career #college-major #college-admissions #college-bound...


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Somer A. Apr 12, 2017

What are my chances of getting into an ivy league school?

I'm a junior in high school. I have a pretty decent GPA and I have all A's. I've done a tone of program like internships abroad at hospitals and labs and I'm currently doing a leadership program with Princeton and a mentor-ship program with a pharmaceutical company called Novartis. I'm in 5...

#college #college-selection #ivy-league #college-admissions

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maryam O. May 25, 2016

Choosing a college is hard. What college is best for nursing?

I will be attending 2 years at a community college but after I graduate I want to transfer to a 4 year University, what one would you suggest for a BSN degree? #college #nursing #nurse...


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Hadi D. Feb 18, 2017

What are the universities/college that train people to be a freight-forwarder?

I need to learn where some universities or colleges to get information about being freigth-forwarder #college-selection #training #job-skills...


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HARSHIL P. Nov 23, 2017

Which universities have good business programs in Canada?

I am looking to transfer to another university.#college-transfer #business #college #canada-university...


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Alize-Jazel S. Jun 01, 2012

What are the best colleges to study forensic science?

I am almost at the stage of applying for colleges. I have my college list, but i know there are so many colleges out there i just dont know where to apply. i live in New York and i dont want to go to far. where should i look? #science #criminal-justice #forensic...


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Daniel Z. Mar 04, 2014

What is a good minor for engineering?

I am thinking of majoring in aerospace engineering or any other type of engineering. I hear people talk about minoring in something but, I do not know how to figure out a minor that relates to my major. #engineering #aerospace-engineering #college-selection...


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brenda A. May 26, 2016

What school has the best social sciences programs?

I am interested in studying social sciences and doing that as a career. #college #college-selection #admissions...


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Julia L. May 13, 2016

Does where you go to college really matter? Is money an actual valid reason for giving up your top choice school?

I have the chance to go to a decent school with a good program for free plus room and board grants, and they are also guaranteeing me a spot in their graduate school. However, I feel that the school is not for me. I feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic there, and I don't feel any connection to...

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Abby L. Nov 08, 2017

What technical institutes also have good theater opportunities?

I'm looking to go into physics/astrophysics, but I'm also an avid theatrical actor. Are there any universities that are strong in both? #college #theater #physics #astrophysics #college-selection #college-major...


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Daijah D. Oct 31, 2016

Is it better to attend a 2-year university than a 4-year university if you're unsure about college?

I haven't decided yet, what type of school I would like to attend and I haven't established how I would pay for the college. So I was wondering if attending a two year university first is better. #college-admissions #college-bound...


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Devetra C. Dec 04, 2017

What are reasonable Medical Colleges in the U.S.?

Possibly want to go to medical school, but can't really afford an Ivy league. #doctor #college-selection #medical-practice #medicine...


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Eric Z. Oct 30, 2016
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Gloria S. Oct 01, 2016

What are the requirements of becoming a robotics engineer?

I am very much interested in robotics as junior in high school right now. What should I look for in colleges if this is what I am interested in? I want to know what are the things I need to get done right now or over time to pursue this career. #college-selection #robotics...


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Vbrian . Jun 01, 2012

College selections

if your SAT scores is not where you want them to be can it stop you fromgetting into a good school even tho your grades are good?...


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Lidia M. Oct 10, 2017

Which university should I go to run a salon?

Is almost time to choose my university, my dream is run a salon especially for nails #business-development #women-in-business #small-business #entrepreneurship #cosmetics #cosmetology #college-selection...


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Megan A. Sep 28, 2017

How do I get scholarships in nursing ?

I am really interested in becoming a nurse anesthetist. #registered-nursing #nursing #scholarships...


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Nada D. Dec 14, 2016

How do you persuade your parents into letting you attend a selective out of state university?

My parents at the moment have forbidden me from choosing a university that is more than an hour away due to the fact that I have to live at home with them. I want to know that should I get into a really good university that happens to be farther away how do I convince my parents that the best...

#parent-communication #college-selection #persuasion #university

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Viadella H. Sep 27, 2017

What is the best college to attend for Psychiatric Nursing?

My name is Viadella, I'm in 9th grade, and I want to major in Psychology. I've been interested in Psychiatric Nursing since my uncle was diagnosed with schizophrenia. #psychology #nursing...


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Emily F. Oct 28, 2016

Do you find that some colleges are better for Zoology or Biology majors and if so what are they?

I am a senior who is interested in going into Biology with a concentration in Zoology or a Zoology major. I would prefer a college in the Midwest but I am willing to find a college somewhere else in the United States as long as it has a good academic program. #biologist #zoologist #biology...

#science #college-selection

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Pradeep R. Oct 20, 2017

How much is the application to University of California Davis?

I would like to know the cost of the application to various colleges of my interest to prepare myself. #college-admissions #college #college-selection...


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Maria P. Sep 01, 2017

How expensive is Physical Therapy school in Oregon schools?

I've always wanted to become a Physical Therapist but my only concern is that it is too expensive. I would love to win a scholarship for my school. Hopefully I will be able to make my dream to come true. #physical-therapy #scholarships #college-selection...