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College offers the opportunity to continue one's education post-secondary providing career developing skills and knowledge. There are many different types of colleges. There are two-year colleges that offer Associate of...

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Deaunte´ B. Nov 15, 2019 37 views

What should do if i want to be a youtuber and twitch streamer

I am a nice person. I like sports and music.Plus youtube and twitch. I like to help people. I am a cancer zodiac sign. #sports #music...


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abby J. Nov 15, 2019 45 views

will I have to take college classes?

I want to go to college to take classes to become a dentist. #student #dentistry...


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keyhan A. Nov 15, 2019 101 views

will i be in a lab for most of the day, or will i be outside?

i want to know where i will be while on the job. #science #college...


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steven P. Nov 14, 2019 42 views

what is the better colleges to attend music wise in Michigan?

I'm in 11th grade, and want to do something with music composition, playing, ect. Dunno what though. Oh no🤷‍♂️ #music #college...


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Kaitlynn O. Nov 14, 2019 102 views

I don't know what I want to do for a living.

I'm a Junior in highschool and only really enjoy history and art. I'm not very good at art, but I love history. I wouldn't mind working in an office. I also wouldn't mind traveling either. #art #college...


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Kirsten M. Nov 14, 2019 30 views

Was it worth it to do a lot of college to get into the medical field?

I always wanted to go into the medical field and be a nurse practitioner or something else, but I want to be exposed to more options that I’m not thinking of. #nursing #doctor #college #medicine...


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Ethan M. Nov 14, 2019 111 views

How do I narrow down my career options?

Im a junior in highschool and i have no idea what i want to do when i get out of school. I love math and problem solving, however i hate english and writing papers. I also dislike the medical field. I want to go to college but im worried that i wont know what to study. #college #math...

#problemsolving #career-choice #career #noidea

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Elizabeth M. Nov 14, 2019 51 views

What is the best career for me?

I am Elizabeth , I'm in 11th grade. I love all animals, vacations and anything beachy. I love warm weather and swimming. I want to travel all around the world, and I want to go to college, and wouldnt mind studying abroad. #travel #college...


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Kyle N. Nov 14, 2019 35 views
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Emily F. Nov 14, 2019 75 views

What are the best colleges to go to if I want to go into a career with animals?

I am interested in going into a career with animals. I still am undecided as to what specific profession I would like to go into but I was wondering what some of the better colleges would be to attend to be able to achieve this. #animals #college #undecided...


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Ahna F. Nov 14, 2019 58 views
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jarred F. Nov 14, 2019 65 views
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Hannah F. Nov 14, 2019 52 views
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Alyssa D. Nov 14, 2019 42 views
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alexis C. Nov 14, 2019 60 views

what classes should i take in high school to help me become a lawyer

i like arguing, money, and i play volleyball and soccer. i take two ap classes ap government and english i’m also good at math. i don’t do well in science but i’m really good at art and drawing. #college #art #writing #dance...


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Reese F. Nov 14, 2019 51 views

What college courses would I need to take to get an elementary teaching degree?

I am a junior in high school and I have always been interested in teaching. My mother is a high school teacher however I like to work with little kids. I’m intrigued with all math classes, soccer and basketball. I would really like some advice to guide my path and to get my college classes...

#education #math #teacher #teaching #college

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Isaac C. Nov 14, 2019 63 views

What field of work should I pursue? With the most money

Hi my name is Isaac Conley, I enjoy MANY different things. Those of which are horseback riding, motorcycle building, cnc and cad, and welding. I want to go in to some kind of engineering career but I am not sure if I should go for metallurgy or mechatronics and anywhere in between. I enjoy art...

#engineering #welding #college #metallurgy

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Kaleb J. Nov 14, 2019 30 views

What is my best route to becoming a neurosurgeon?

I am a junior and have wanted to be one for as long as I can remember. I am wondering like what sort of minors I should look into and how to set myself up best for success. #college #doctor #medicine...


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Marissa S. Nov 14, 2019 61 views

Should I dual major in college?

If I want to be a high school teacher, would it be wise to dual major in math and a foreign language? Would it make schools more likely to hire me? #college #teaching #college-major...

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Chelsey W. Nov 14, 2019 48 views

What would be the best career option in the medical field if I don’t want to go to college for a long time?

I’m really undecided about what I want to do for a career, but medical things interest me so I’m considering it as an option. #college...


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Audrey W. Nov 14, 2019 52 views

How do I find a college best suitable for me when i don't know much about different colleges

I grew up alot within the medical dude of things so I've always taken interest in the medical field , when it comes to learning I do best with a hands on approach to things....


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Treighton L. Nov 14, 2019 50 views

What is the number one question to ask when choosing a college?

I am an Early Middle College student enrolled at Baker College as a Junior in High School. After my 5th year of High School, how do I start to choose a college? #college-advice #college...


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d N. Nov 12, 2019 44 views

im trying to find out what profession would be a great fit for me

I'm a #college #student my major is social work. I love listening to r&b #music. I like to stay at home and watch funny movies. I love to listen to other people problems. I love spending time alone and talk on the phone with my sister which is my bestfriend. I like to try new things but not...

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Jonathan C. Nov 08, 2019 57 views

How many years in school are needed to be a computer animator?

i want to know how many years it is needed to be in school to be a computer animator #computer-science #computer...


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kganya M. Nov 08, 2019 43 views