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Career Questions tagged College

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Karen Jan 09 447 views

How do I figure out what career path I want to pursue?

I love to be creative in my free time by indulging in hobbies like creative journalling, painting, reading and creating videos related to reading. I am in grade 12 and am deciding on taking a gap year after graduation to save money and better figure out my future goals. But I often find myself...

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Tejasvi Jan 09 347 views

What are good colleges for Actuarial Science that are not too competitive?

I'm planning on majoring in actuarial science and I was wondering if there are any colleges that are not too competitive. I've looked into Texas A&M and I was wondering if anyone has any insight on taking actuarial science there?


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Kennedy Jan 07 197 views

Hey...I am really interested in Mechanical engineering and would love to further my education in the States or UK. I am in a different country though. Financial factors dont support this decision of mine. Cant give up though. I will complete high school this Year. I want to know if there is any scholarship institution that can help me or help from elsewhere. Im 17

I am academically sound by Grace.

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Mila Jan 06 197 views

Any advice for a person who wants to go to music therapy college??

I'm a 19 year old and I would like to go to apply for a music therapy degree and start studying in October 2023 in Vienna.

What are some important things I should know?

Like for example about the entrance exams or about the studies in general?

I would be very grateful to read your feedback.

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Mia Jan 06 408 views

How will I know when a university is right for me? What if I make the wrong decision? #Fall22

I fear that I won't have a gut feeling anywhere, what if none of them are right?

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kayla Jan 03 362 views

Preparing for LSAT

What are the best books to get to prepare for the LSAT? What are the best ways to prepare for it?

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Carmen Jan 03 327 views

Does it matter what college you graduated from when you apply to nursing school ?

I am a student who wants to go to UC Santa Cruz, but I don't know if I need to be taking an extra step and looking for schools already with a nursing program. I have applied to all the UC's, are other private 4-year colleges something that I should be curious for? Also, what qualities do...

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Hillary Dec 31, 2022 430 views

What are the rules for finding a job in the USA?

Just need a job but am outside your country how will you help me

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Abdullahi Dec 31, 2022 230 views

How can an undergraduate get a full funded aviation scholarship in Europe?

Am a student at the Nigerian college of Aviation technology zaria kaduna state Nigeria.

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Ava Dec 30, 2022 250 views

I’m struggling to get the right answer

I understand that in able to become homicide detective you must become an police officer and then work there for years to get promoted but in some agencies they don’t require it ?? What if you start working as cyber detective and gaining experience, passing the fitness test etc required can...

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Kennedy Dec 29, 2022 348 views

I am in my final year in High School, I want to read Mechanical engineering at the tertiary level, but, im always hunted with this thought, 'what if im not able to help in solving problems practically, like making a new engine for smtn, what if im not able to transfer the theories to reality rendering me worthless..' this thought is dimming my aspirations mentally, please help?

I am so confused about my next step

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unknown Dec 26, 2022 388 views

what are some side jobs (or internship for students) in astronomy in which higher education is not that necessary ?

I am a last year student pursuing BSC BIOTECH but I have deep interest in astronomy and my parents forcing me to prepare for some boring jobs so I want to know about some side jobs related to astronomy in which higher education is not that necessary. I want to take small steps towards my aim...

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Anthony Dec 23, 2022 575 views

I need help with my dissertation projects and need help writing them

I have the burden of dissertation writing projects and I can't complete them on time because I am busy in other activities so now I am looking for a professional dissertation writing service that can do the work for me so If somebody knows any experts or professional company so please let me know.

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Jeremy Dec 23, 2022 415 views

What colleges are good if I want to major in Computer Science

I am interested in majoring in Computer Science.

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Aaliyah Dec 22, 2022 473 views

what colleges are good if you want to major in law and become a lawyer?

I'm in 10th grade and I really want to become a lawyer. so I want to know what colleges I should look at.

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Lisa Dec 21, 2022 333 views

How to get accepted into a college/university?

As a sophomore in high school, how can I improve my chances of getting accepted into a college? (extracurriculars, awards, classes, internships, passion, etc) Thank you!

Kenny’s Avatar
Kenny Dec 21, 2022 309 views

What are some tips for figuring out what college to go to?

Schools all have extremely diverse qualities, and I'm wondering what the best things to look for in a college are.

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CareerVillage Office Hours Dec 20, 2022 269 views

How do you prepare for leaving for college and what are some pitfalls to avoid in college?

This is part of the professionals series

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Genevieve Dec 16, 2022 330 views

Resources for researching colleges?

For some time, I've been looking around at different colleges to get my bachelor's in. I've found several that I've liked, and I'm still looking around for potential options. Besides the colleges' websites and college tours, what are good ways to research a college? Are there any platforms in...

Isabel’s Avatar
Isabel Dec 16, 2022 301 views

How should I prepare myself in high school to enter in nuclear medicine programs?

I am a junior in high school wanting to get into nuclear medicine. I have only taken anatomy and physiology, no other medical classes.

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vallina Dec 15, 2022 447 views

should I start with an associate's degree with

I would like to hear from people who have had experience with this or know someone who used

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Justin Dec 15, 2022 437 views

What is a good college to pick?

What is a good college to go to.

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Justin Dec 15, 2022 273 views

How do u get a scholarship from a division 1 college?

How do u get a scholarship from a division 1 college?
Is it hard to get one?
Can u go to college for more than 1 major?
Can u change your major while in college?

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statton Dec 15, 2022 332 views

What is the biggest part of picking a collage?

How do i pick a collage what goes into the decision to go to one over the other

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liam Dec 14, 2022 338 views

Where is the nearest law school?

i live in rock hill.

liam’s Avatar
liam Dec 14, 2022 308 views

Where is the nearest law school?

i live in rock hill.

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Ethan Dec 14, 2022 337 views

Getting started in Biology

What are the first few steps I should take to start working in Biology.

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julian Dec 13, 2022 188 views

How Should I Prepare for a radiologist career?

Review and evaluate developed x-rays, video tape, or computer-generated information to determine if images are satisfactory for diagnostic purposes

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Jimmy Dec 13, 2022 367 views

What’s the daily life of a iron worker/welder?

How long does it usually take for a new welder to get used to or comfortable with the union and field welding in general? What are some tasks that the field workers do day to day? What other work do you do as an iron welder besides welding?

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dalton Dec 13, 2022 364 views

How do I get into a good university?

This is my question