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College offers the opportunity to continue one's education post-secondary providing career developing skills and knowledge. There are many different types of colleges. There are two-year colleges that offer Associate of...

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Faith B. Oct 26 49 views

I'm currently a high school student and I aspire to become a prosecuting attorney. Are there any things I can/should be doing now to prepare and be more qualified for that position? Any advice on that area is welcome!

I am a ninth grader going to a prestigious college-prep based high school. I aspire to become a prosecuting attorney for a life career and plan on interning with any lawyer as I get closer to high-school graduation. I am researching any actions I can take to further be prepared for either...

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thomas P. Oct 25 17 views

what is the hardestthiing in the mlb to do

I want to go to the mlb and see #mlb #college what is hard and...

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Brenda M. Oct 25 22 views

How long does it usually take to become a lawyer?

It will be better if schools offer programs that take less time to pursue what other students want....


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Isaiah B. Oct 25 22 views

How did you get there?

i am going to attend Cal Baptist University, i want to double major , studying Criminal Justice and Philosophy. I like basketball and also like history a lot because of the things that caused society to be the way it is right now. #criminal-justice...


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Brenda M. Oct 25 29 views

Can I have good grades but not so good SAT scores ?

I have never got a grade lower than a c + but i am not to good at taking tests. Do they look over everything ? #college...


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Wesley P. Oct 25 14 views
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violet V. Oct 23 43 views

what do i have to do

I am a good person also I am great at math #math #college...


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Lailaa E. Oct 23 40 views

What part(s) of the year or season(s) are the hardest or easiest to work in?

As with everything, seasons and year times change people and things happen. Knowing these two things would really help me out. #counselor #mentalhealth #job #college #psychology #career...


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Kailey L. Oct 22 57 views

What do tools do i need to help me prepare for college?

I am a high school senior who is getting ready to enter her freshman year of college, my name is Kailey Lasley and i am 18 years old #college #student #high-school...


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abdimalik M. Oct 21 27 views

what it takes to be gold miner

which career path can be help me to become gold miner ? how much money do gold miners make a year? how many years can take to be gold miner? #money #career...


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Casey J. Oct 20 42 views

what career path should I take

I am white I like sports and hanging with friends and church and stuff...


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Sherifa I. Oct 16 29 views

My question is, I'm offering consumer science in the university now and would like to if I can use the certificate to find myself in midwifery

I'm a student of family and consumer science but would like to be in the field of midwifery or would like to know the job opportunities for consumer with the option food and clothing #career #science...


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Dj O. Oct 15 22 views

How will the military work with you far as your class schedule for college?

I am a automotive student at job corps, just looking for insight from a professional. #professional...


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Dj O. Oct 15 18 views

What other way can a automotive technican grow far as education after job corps advance training?

I am a automotive student at job corps, just looking for insight from a professional. #education...


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Jazmine S. Oct 15 50 views

The career you've chose this year seemed like the one that best fits you, but if you had a choice to pick a new career, would you change it or not?

I want to major in Anthropology, but it seems like sooner or later down my career path, I would want to become a Engineer that builds new homes or remodels homes. So it's like I'm debating on what career I would choose first. #career #college #career-choice #career-path #college-major...

#anthropology #engineering

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fernando M. Oct 14 16 views

what college is best for HVAC

I am a student from job corps...


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Arely S. Oct 09 102 views

Can I aspire to get a Bachelor's degree if I suffer from depression and schizophrenia?

Right now I feel really discouraged and crying in the middle of my class. #college...


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Heather S. Oct 14 74 views

I want to get a job or volunteer to help end sex trafficking

I am one class away from my bachelors degree. I am 43 years old. My major is sociology from Portland State University. I am a mother of four and also a grandmother. My passion is to work or volunteer in a position to facilitate an end to sex trafficking and/or to help victims that have been...

#job #career-choice #college

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Ulysses S. Oct 10 34 views

I want to be a mountain biking you tuber what college class should I take

I love mountain biking and want to share my mountain biking...


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Cayden B. Oct 06 65 views

What do you do on a daily basis

I am doing a project and I was wondering if you could tell me what you do every day of your life. When you go to work - like what time do you have to get up every morning, what time do you get done, and can u give me a quote that u once said # #career...


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Isabelle G. Oct 07 76 views

Should I shift my course even if it's my passion?

I'm currently studying AB Literature (sophomore year) and I love my course. I love my readings, my teachers, my block mates, I love everything about literature; it has always been my passion. But I realised that I'm not going to use my degree in the future. I have no interest in becoming a...

#business #college #marketing #literature #shifting

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Brigitte F. Oct 06 47 views

What happens if you're college roomate isn't the best?

Next year I am going to be a college freshman and have some (...okay, a lot) of anxieties related to the college process. One of my troubles is the unknown nature of a future roommate. I've had a roommate: my little sister, for the past 10 years. But I don't think that it will be in the same...

#college #college-advice #student

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Brigitte F. Oct 06 38 views

Is it difficult being a professional actor/actress in this day-and-age?

I am a high school senior and am hoping to become a professional (paid) actress after I graduate college. I am planning on attending the University of North Dakota and majoring in Theatre Arts. But, will all that prepare me for 'the outside world'? How can it be done? #performing-arts #theatre...

#acting #college

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Cassidy H. Oct 04 63 views

What was the most difficult aspect of law school or becoming a lawyer?

I am a high school senior looking to become a lawyer, and would like some more advice or information about what I should expect. #lawyer #college #law...


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How competitive is the field of nursing?

I am a college student in a career class considering pursuing a career in nursing but am worried about how competitive it is and how vigorous college courses will be in order to become a nurse. #nursing...


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Avonleigh Y. Sep 30 81 views

how do I get all A's?

my mom said if i got as for the whole year i could get a cat #college #accounting #college-admissions #career #scholarship #accountant...


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