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A computer is a foundation for many careers as most careers require a computer for its work. From computer engineers, social media intern, to figuring out how to clean your...

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Tanwani B. Sep 25, 2019 75 views
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Mariesha R. Sep 23, 2019 145 views

What do you like about your job

I want to work in Business and Computer operation. #business #information-technology...


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Tyler B. Sep 20, 2019 109 views

What tech company would be a great set up for my future developer plans?

Such as "Google", "Microsoft", "Electronic Arts.", etc. #computer...


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Petronella M. Sep 15, 2019 74 views
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christian G. Sep 13, 2019 80 views

how many years take the career

i like getting the career of engineer in systems because i like computers #computer...


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Rohit S. Sep 13, 2019 174 views

Which is a better job?

Is a degree in computer science better or a degree in finance? #computer-science #computer #software...


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Isaiah Q. Sep 12, 2019 108 views

How did you move from a front-end developer into a full-stack?

I am a self taught #front-end #developer. Currently deciding to get formal training to later move into #back-end development. I have strong fundamentals in #programming #computer...


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Geovanny A. Sep 11, 2019 148 views

how did you handle failure(if any) at the start of your role. What was the impact of the failure, how did you overcome it mentally, and in the workplace?

I am a current undergraduate senior pursuing an accounting degree and enrolled in an IT workforce development program to enhance my computer skills. #computer...


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Rory I. Sep 11, 2019 182 views

What advice can you give a technology student on finding a job after graduation and being successful long-term in the field?

I am new to the Information technology Field and I'm currently studying to be certified in CCNA and CompTIA A+. I just really want to be one of the best in this field despite being a new comer. Thank you! #technology #engineering #information-technology #computer #job-search #ccna #comptia...

#computer-engineer #computer-software

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Shahrukh Z. Sep 10, 2019 87 views

What is the best way to keep up with the changing technology in the IT field?

An Npower student who is trying to expand his knowledge in the tech field. #tec #technology...


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Nolan C. Sep 09, 2019 63 views

What do you find to be enjoyable or enjoyable about the Hardware Engineering profession?

Do you find any joy out of your work and what causes it? Similarly, what if any reason does your work cause you discomfort? #computer...


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Nolan C. Sep 09, 2019 72 views

What are the most essential skills you would need in the Hardware Engineering field?

What are some important soft skills you would need to succeed as a hardware engineer? Why are these skills important to the career? #computer #engineer...


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Nolan C. Sep 08, 2019 109 views

What is the typical day of work for a Hardware Engineer like?

I'm curious, what does the typical day of a hardware engineer look like? Is there a constant stream of work or is it inconsistent with a few breaks in between large projects, is designing and testing all they do or is the work schedule more varied than that? #computer-engineering #computer...


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Nolan C. Sep 08, 2019 89 views

How much potential for advancement is there in the Computer Hardware Engineering field? Where can I expect to start out and how can I make myself stand out?

So, what is the end goal for Computer Engineers, what does their career ladder look like in terms of what you're striving for later in your career. What can make you stand out from others in the industry in order to make those advancements up the career ladder? Where did you first enter into...

#computer-engineer #computer #engineering

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Aaron M. Sep 06, 2019 82 views

Did your lifestyle ever change as a computer engineer?

As all of my other questions say, I'm a high school student and would want to know if your lifestyle ever changed? #computer-science #computer #engineer...


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Aaron M. Sep 06, 2019 78 views

What education would you recommend for computer engineering?

I'm from high school and want to know how many years of experience or education was required. #computer #engineering...