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Career Questions tagged Contractors

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Oct 30, 2016 734 views

what type of degree would best prepare me for a career in homeland security?

I am interested in security firms that contract with the government for homeland security. #federal-government #federal-agent #contractors #private-investigations #federal-air-marshal #private

Grant’s Avatar
Grant May 17, 2016 1187 views

Is work experience more valuable than a degree?

Although it depends solely on the type of job at hand, I have heard talk of how getting a degree just seems to be extra debt that doesn't actually benefit your ability to climb the corporate ladder, or any ladder with more money at the top. #business #engineering #law #economics #carpentry...

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Apr 08, 2015 862 views

How do you start a contracting company?

I like to build. #rapper #contractors #builder

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Mar 23, 2015 860 views

What does it take to be a succesful contractor?

I was considering getting my contractors license after high school since my dad is involved in the construction business and I have had some hands on action and it intrigues me. #construction #contractors