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Career Questions tagged Counseling

Azar B.’s Avatar
Azar B. Feb 17, 2017 950 views

What are the steps to become a psychiatrist, not a psychologist a psychiatrist and a counselor

Because I know you have to chemistry and math, but I don't know what else or what's required for a freshman psychology counseling psychiatry mental-health...


Azar B.’s Avatar
Azar B. Feb 13, 2017 430 views

What classes must you have to be a psychiatrist

I want to know if it's mandatory psychology...


Mounia M.’s Avatar
Mounia M. Feb 08, 2017 540 views

What is the best path to become a counselor if I am obtaining my Bachelor of Social Science?

I am currently in school to obtain my Bachelor of Social Science. I am wondering if it is possible to become a Licensed Professional Counselor with a degree that isn't in Psychology or Sociology or should I consider changing my degree? psychology career-counseling career-path counseling...

social-sciences social-science degrees

Caroline M.’s Avatar
Caroline M. Feb 03, 2017 627 views

When deciding upon the Genetic Counselor career were you more interested in the research and application of knowledge or the counseling aspect?

I am a high school senior who has researched Genetic Counseling as a potential career interest. One question that seems to never be answered is if the Genetic Counselor's were more intrigued with the research aspect of the job or with dealing with the patients. This is important for me because...

pyschology genetics research genetic-counseling biology counseling science

Esther C.’s Avatar
Esther C. Dec 10, 2016 677 views

Does college rankings matter?

I remembered back in high school, rankings was a big thing to me. I would constantly check usnews and other websites to see where a certain school ranked before applying to it. However, now that I'm in a college that is averagely ranked, I am wondering if ranking of a college really does...

college student-counseling high-school-students counseling college-selection college-admissions career-counseling college-advice

Esther C.’s Avatar
Esther C. Nov 02, 2016 5355 views

What are some good questions to ask a professional panel?

I have had the opportunity in the past to visit accounting firms and converse with accountants. However, I always found myself at a dead end with an inability to come up with good questions. I had a train of thought, but I could not put them into words. Now I want to get an idea of what would...

interviews interview-questions question career-counseling counseling

Dierra R.’s Avatar
Dierra R. Oct 30, 2016 548 views

How will the knowledge one learns, and the experience one has change the lives of other people and create a better community, so there's more unity instead of isolation if someone were to study psychology counseling?

From a person who likes to observe someone's mental mind, how would knowing the mind, and knowing why someone does what they do help them in the future and make them become a better person. How will talking to someone and hearing their problems help you become a better person? How can sympathy...

counselor high therapy worker social counseling school marriage

Emily T.’s Avatar
Emily T. Oct 28, 2016 1746 views

How difficult is it to keep yourself from becoming emotionally drained as a psychologist?

I have always been an empath, and I love nothing more than to talk people through their problems and help in any way I can. Sometimes, though, I find myself almost "absorbing" the negative emotions and energies in the people I'm talking with. I want to become a professional psychologist, most...

work-life-balance therapy empathy mental-health counseling psychology mental-health-counseling neuroscience

Esther C.’s Avatar
Esther C. Oct 25, 2016 710 views

During what year of college should I start looking for internships?

I am currently a freshman in college and almost every week my inbox would be filled with emails concerning job fairs, company presentations, and other possible career opportunities. I do not want to stress myself out, but the massive emails are getting me anxious and worried over my progress....

internships career-counseling counseling

Quinton Q.’s Avatar
Quinton Q. Jul 22, 2016 659 views

What resources should I use while attempting to find a good major for myself?

I'm currently trying to decide on what I will major in and I'm confused by all of the different types and numerous options, how can I figure out which one would be best for me? P.S I plan on working in Psychology or counseling psychology college-major...


Thomas L.’s Avatar
Thomas L. Jul 21, 2016 927 views

What are some ways I can use my college summers efficiently if I can't get a summer job?

I'm entering my sophomore year in college, and still enjoying my summer. However, I was unable to find myself a steady job this summer (so I've been taking work where I can- moving jobs, pet & house-sitting, yard work, etc..), and have thus been spending all of my free time exercising my...

academic-advising mentoring counseling creative time-management education higher-education e-learning

Jaden C.’s Avatar
Jaden C. Jul 02, 2016 793 views

how do you become an art therapist?

I want to be an art therapist. I was wondering what types of volunteer work or other things I should do to set myself up for an art therapy career. psychology art therapy counseling visual-arts...


Abinesh J.’s Avatar
Abinesh J. Jun 24, 2016 530 views

Career option apart from Doctors and Engineers?

Hello I am Abinesh. I am very much board of selecting Doctor and Engineer. can u help me with any other career options apart from Doctor and Engineer to Pursue which fits to an average Student. teaching professor education educator counseling...


Gokilapriya M.’s Avatar
Gokilapriya M. Jun 24, 2016 658 views

Hai. My sister has done her Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engg. Later she joined For a Job in many concerns. To Do UN What is Best Degree to choose

Hai. My sister has done her Diploma in ECE.. Later she joined For a Job and worked in many concerns. At present she works in Education related company as a trainer. She wants to do UG course in part time for her Higher posting. What Degree to Choose. BA Literature or BSC. Pls help to choose....

professor counselling teaching educator mentoring teacher counseling

keerthana B.’s Avatar
keerthana B. Apr 26, 2016 948 views

What are the qualification noted in the Campus interview in India?

Hi What are the basic Qualification required which meets in the Campus selection.How to Improve those skills teaching professor educator counseling...


keerthana B.’s Avatar
keerthana B. Apr 30, 2016 952 views

To get trained on neurologist?

Hi. I am interested in doing Doctor. Can u help me out the process to do a doctor and to study deeply on Human Brain? Can u brief me the degrees to be done for the same or what are the degrees to be completed. Pls give me the answer which relates to Tamilnadu students doctor professor...

career-counseling neurology counseling

Gnanam Sowindariya M.’s Avatar
Gnanam Sowindariya M. Jun 22, 2016 1505 views

Entrance Cut off marks for a doctor. Studying Doctor in India or abroad which is the Best

Hai. i am Gnanam. I want to become a doctor. Pls tell me the Entrance cut off marks to Join a doctor in India. Studying Doctor in India /abroad which is easy and which is the Best. doctor teaching teacher professor educator counseling...


Calvin K.’s Avatar
Calvin K. Jun 23, 2016 826 views

What type of education do I need to become a counsellor?

Do I need a degree in psychology? Social work? What type of degree do I need for a career in counselling? psychology social-work counselor counseling counselling...


Delilah S.’s Avatar
Delilah S. Jun 11, 2016 811 views

Does the highschool you go to matter in the end?

I am moving to a new house and have the option of staying at the same school I have gone to for two years but I also have the chance of getting to change to go to a different school. The school I currently go to does not give me the option of taking the AP classes I want for my junior year...

school high-school giving-advice teaching help counseling

Calvin K.’s Avatar
Calvin K. Jun 02, 2016 5437 views

Can I become a counselor with only a Bachelor's degree?

While I do plan on going for a Master's since I'm hearing that's almost the minimum required level for counselling occupations, I was wondering if it's possible to get a job as a counselor with a Bachelor's? psychology counselor counseling...


K R.’s Avatar
K R. May 27, 2016 502 views

In regards to Social Work...when a person becomes a licensed social worker in his/her specific state, what goes into maintaining his/her license? Anything? and if yes, then what?

I'm currently investing in an education to receive a degree in Social Work. I feel like there would be something like that...a process to renew a license, because there's so many check and balances to go through anyway, whenever one is dealing with the well being of another. I would just like...

law social-work counseling

K R.’s Avatar
K R. May 27, 2016 834 views

I'm interested in applying for an internship at a local shelter and I want to be prepared and have a resume. My question is, what should I include, and what do people look for in an ideal candidate?

Hello, my name is Katie. I'm currently an undergraduate at a community college looking to pursue a bachelor's (potentially a Master's) in Social Work. I became enamored for this field of work after reading a transcript from an online interview a woman had with a social worker. What I got...

family-services law social-work counseling

Michelle M.’s Avatar
Michelle M. May 26, 2016 1058 views

What careers are good that involve psychology?

I am mainly looking at going for counseling but I want to look more at the different careers that involve psychology. counseling clinical-psychology...


Samantha S.’s Avatar
Samantha S. May 25, 2016 604 views

After you become a counselor, is it helpful to start working at a religious center if you are religious?

I would like to get a job with my church so that I can interact with people that are the same religion as me or that are at least investigating our religion. I think it would be a good experience for me because I'd be able to learn more about my own religion by working with these people. Plus,...

grief-counseling addiction-counseling counseling

Samantha S.’s Avatar
Samantha S. May 25, 2016 693 views

What degree would be best for becoming a counselor for grief, addiction, abuse, etc.?

I have been looking at the degrees that are out there and I noticed that there's a lot of different counseling degrees. I want a degree that will allow me to counsel people who struggle with some things that I mentioned in my question. Of course, I won't limit myself to just these areas. I also...

grief-counseling counseling-fields addiction-counseling counseling

keerthana B.’s Avatar
keerthana B. May 23, 2016 2205 views

How to become a brain doctor?

Hai! I am studing 10th standard. I want to become a brain doctor. I am very interesting to study about can you please tell , how to become a brain doctor? doctor teacher nursing professor counseling...


Camryn S.’s Avatar
Camryn S. May 17, 2016 1162 views

Is it necessary to go on a college visit to decide on a college? How do college visits factor in making this decision?\

I would like to go to college out of state and it would be difficult to visit the colleges I am considering. college...