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Dametreius C. Aug 27, 2018

Diversity in program

Are the counselors on here very diverse and do they try to help every person? #counselor...


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Dametreius C. Aug 27, 2018

Is it to much?

Is working plus taking 16 credits too much for my freshman year in college? #psychologist...


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Alexi C. Aug 21, 2018

How to find a better sense of self?

I feel like sometimes I don't know myself. How do I find myself? Also how will this elp me find a profession? #counselor...


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David H. Jan 24, 2018

Would it be rude to tell my teacher to stop smoking, if not, how can I put it as gently as possible?

She is an amazing teacher who knows a great deal. She has control of the class and makes learning effective but her breath and classroom smells of cigarettes and coffee. For her well being I want her to stop smoking and in turn help me and my classmates learn better without worrying about...

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Corinne B. Jan 09, 2018

How do I know what career is right for me?

I'm lost on finding what career I should go into, I know I'm interested in #psychology but I don't think I want to be a #therapist or...


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Ramon A. May 15, 2016

What are the differences between a club and an intramural sport in regards to their social aspects?

I've heard that a person can meet just as many people through both a club or an intramural sport. But which of these two would result in better recommendations concerning job possibilities, personal connections, etc. (question is directed towards college clubs and intramural sports) #counselor...

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Sahira S. Feb 16, 2015

I'm unsure about my future career path

I'm about to enter college or pre uni. All this while, I have been interested in architecture and science-related fields. But lately, many people (even my parents) started telling me to open my options for other careers and courses, because not many universities offer Architecture, and I heard...

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