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Career Questions tagged Creative Writing

Ayana D.’s Avatar
Ayana D. May 22, 2016 641 views

How do I select a major that will benefit me in the long run?

I lot of people that I know who graduated college have degrees in fields that have absolutely no correlation to their jobs. I don't want to make that same mistake. I plan on double majoring in Math and Creative Writing. math majors degrees...


andre T.’s Avatar
andre T. Jun 24 104 views

How do you become a writer for tv show, movie, games, books.

How to you become a successful writer? currently working on a fictional book now. author writing...


Destiny W.’s Avatar
Destiny W. Aug 14, 2018 449 views

What’s the best way to improve on your writing skills ex. Essay

I normally don’t struggle to write, because once I have and idea it all goes fine. I just have trouble coming up with new and exciting things to write about when it comes to personal essays, college essays etc. if you know of any good way to improve my writing as far as vocabulary or formatting...

creative-writing general writing author journalism

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Marquis J. Jun 11 182 views
Eveul Jr E.’s Avatar
Eveul Jr E. May 05, 2016 645 views

How will I recieve scholarships for Poetry?

I have a special passion and I want to pursue a career as a poet and a rapper creative-writing...


Jennifer B.’s Avatar
Jennifer B. Jul 12, 2018 515 views

How likely is it that I will want to switch my major?

I'm interested in Early Childhood Education mostly. I'm also interested in Creative Writing and Psychology. senior senioritis nervous major double-major psychology...


Kristina C.’s Avatar
Kristina C. Aug 15, 2016 712 views

What is the best way to pay for college?

College in necessary if you want to get anywhere in this world the problem is it's expensive. I want to know what other things I can do besides get a job and apply for scholarships the schools offer. accounting music-production creative-writing...


Arhe V.’s Avatar
Arhe V. Jun 29, 2020 579 views

Where can I develop my writing skills while still making money for college?

I'm fresh out of high school, and I've been writing short, fictional stories for 3+ years now. I've done a bit of research and it seems like all of the quick money is in copywriting, article writing, or editing. I feel like I'm quite skilled at fictional writing, but I have no idea where to...

journalism editing creative-writing author college writer writing copywriting

Dylan J.’s Avatar
Dylan J. Jul 07, 2019 420 views
Livvy W.’s Avatar
Livvy W. Jan 16, 2018 496 views

What is one of the best ways to combat writers' block?

I want to be an author, but I often find it hard to continue when I'm stuck in a certain part of my story, so I'm wondering what techniques other authors have for combating this issue. writing, creative-writing, creative-arts, author,...


Robyn C.’s Avatar
Robyn C. May 05, 2016 1007 views

Is it hard to get writing jobs?

I love creative writing, but I don't know if there are any real career opportunities using a Creative Writing or English degree. writing author writer creative-writing...


Lyzzie G.’s Avatar
Lyzzie G. Jun 30, 2019 275 views

What are the ways to make good money as a creative writer?

I am going to have an M.F.A. in Creative Writing, and ideally would like to use that degree to get paid to write fiction. creative-writing writing...


Ashley C.’s Avatar
Ashley C. Nov 16, 2019 324 views

How do I go about developing a published writing portfolio as a new writer?

If I've never published a book before, what are some good first steps? After all, not all writing now is in books but also short form media, copywriting, articles, etc. I've got a blog I'm updating regularly and I like connecting with my fellow writers. I genuinely both love and hate writing...

polkcounty writer creative-writing writing florida author journalism

Carlos L.’s Avatar
Carlos L. Aug 22, 2018 368 views

I don't know what to write in my college essay

I can't think of anything interesting in my life that'll be beneficial for writing a college essay. writing...


Cassandra P.’s Avatar
Cassandra P. Jan 10, 2018 602 views

What kind of techniques do you use in your writing while editing?

I have a hard time editing my work and I really want to get over a barrier I put up myself. I know when a part of my story needs help but I can't put my self to change it. I find it heartbreaking. How do you get over that, if you have that problem and how do you organize your thoughts while...

writing writing-and-editing creative-writing

Madison R.’s Avatar
Madison R. Mar 02 194 views

What is a good editing process for essays?

I have been struggling to get my writings to the best they can be. When I write I use Microsoft Word and then I use Google Docs for editing. I do not know if this is a good way to write or not. writing...


Mariel O.’s Avatar
Mariel O. May 05, 2016 802 views

Benefits of writing classes

I hope to be a published author one day, not as my main job, since I don't think I could make a living off my writing, and I was wondering if writing classes are worth the time and money. My thought is that reading constantly and writing often is the best way to improve my writing. Will...

writing author teacher creative-writing

Carolyn B.’s Avatar
Carolyn B. May 18, 2016 900 views

What jobs besides fiction author could I use an English degree with specialization in creative writing for?

I've always had narrow interest revolving around fictional/fantasy ideas but I know that it's rather difficult to become successful in that area though I will try. I want to have some sort of back up plan if things don't work out for me that has at least some of my interest involved. english...

future-careers fiction-writing writer creative-writing

Jade S.’s Avatar
Jade S. Jul 31, 2020 634 views

What are the difficulties in becoming/being a book editor?

I'm interested in being a book editor. I know that every career has its challenges, but because I don't have many book editors to talk to, I don't know what challenges book editors have. What difficulties happen in the job search and job itself? Thank you! july20 book-editor book-editing...

writing creative-writing

Valerie B.’s Avatar
Valerie B. May 17, 2018 426 views

If I were to pursue a major in creative writing, what kind of job opportunities would that open up?

I'm asking this because I am uncertain of the type of jobs that make a major in creative writing useful. creative-writing college-major college-advice...


Amber K.’s Avatar
Amber K. Aug 29, 2018 347 views

How to write a good personal statement?

Applying for college application is stressful. How to I think of good answers to essay questions? college...


Jada H.’s Avatar
Jada H. Jan 17, 2018 588 views

Is there a profession out there that's an equal balance between creative writing/publishing and biomedical science?

I am torn between majoring in English and Biomedical Science/Engineering. I love to write stories and strive to become an editor for a publishing company/fiction author or screenwriter, but I also love genetics and would love to be a genetic engineer and researcher (see the details from my...

grant-writing proposal-writing dual-career creative-writing technical-writing biomedical-engineering author career-decisions writing-and-editing fiction news-writing writing editor career-path screenwriting double-major fiction-writing genetics career-choice science-fiction biomedical-science publishing copy-editing english communications creative-non-fiction multiple-interests

Jade S.’s Avatar
Jade S. Jul 31, 2020 345 views

What skills are the most desirable in a book editor?

I'm about to be a senior in college. I love college, and I try my hardest in classes, job, and extracurricular activities to develop as a person. I hope that the things I am learning help with being a book editor. What qualities do think are vital to being a good book editor? july20...

creative-writing writing publishing book-editing book-editor