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Career Questions tagged Creative Writing

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andre T. Jun 24 104 views

How do you become a writer for tv show, movie, games, books.

How to you become a successful writer? currently working on a fictional book now. author writing...


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Marquis J. Jun 11 182 views
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Madison R. Mar 02 194 views

What is a good editing process for essays?

I have been struggling to get my writings to the best they can be. When I write I use Microsoft Word and then I use Google Docs for editing. I do not know if this is a good way to write or not. writing...


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Devin R. Sep 16, 2020 218 views

What's a great way to not forgetting things?

Write it down on a piece of paper (OR just type it on a digital creative-writing...

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Jade S. Jul 31, 2020 345 views

What skills are the most desirable in a book editor?

I'm about to be a senior in college. I love college, and I try my hardest in classes, job, and extracurricular activities to develop as a person. I hope that the things I am learning help with being a book editor. What qualities do think are vital to being a good book editor? july20...

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Jade S. Jul 31, 2020 634 views

What are the difficulties in becoming/being a book editor?

I'm interested in being a book editor. I know that every career has its challenges, but because I don't have many book editors to talk to, I don't know what challenges book editors have. What difficulties happen in the job search and job itself? Thank you! july20 book-editor book-editing...

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Arhe V. Jun 29, 2020 579 views

Where can I develop my writing skills while still making money for college?

I'm fresh out of high school, and I've been writing short, fictional stories for 3+ years now. I've done a bit of research and it seems like all of the quick money is in copywriting, article writing, or editing. I feel like I'm quite skilled at fictional writing, but I have no idea where to...

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Anthony H. Apr 07, 2020 287 views

Are there any jobs for Creative Writing majors?

I'm a senior Creative Writing major at Stephen F. Austin State University. I'm close to my graduation date and I was wondering what possible jobs are out there for people in my degree field. college college-major writing creative-writing...


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Coleton H. Apr 04, 2020 249 views
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Ashley C. Nov 16, 2019 324 views

How do I go about developing a published writing portfolio as a new writer?

If I've never published a book before, what are some good first steps? After all, not all writing now is in books but also short form media, copywriting, articles, etc. I've got a blog I'm updating regularly and I like connecting with my fellow writers. I genuinely both love and hate writing...

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